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About AccountMIS

Written By Admin on November 9, 2010 | Tuesday, November 09, 2010

There is a requirement of viewing MIS reports derived out of Meghdoot data, in respect of all H.Os and S.Os.  The data will be classified under the permanent Account Heads created on installation of Sub Accounts software.
For transferring the data pertaining to HO (including BOs under the Accounts of HO) and SOs in account with it, and for generating Arrow related MIS information, “Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client” has been developed.  This application has to be installed in all the Head Post Offices and post offices identified under Project Arrow.

About Meghdoot Accounts MIS client

Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client application transfers the accounts data (Ho Summary, SO summary, BO Summary) available at the local databases, to the Central Server. Besides this, this application will transfer the data related to Arrow MIS required by Directorate. This application can be scheduled to run at a specific time on its own or it can be executed by the user at any time. 

The application needs the date of transaction for which the data has to be transferred to Central Server.  User can select the date of transaction. During the scheduled activity or if no specific date of transaction has been supplied, the date of transaction will be taken up from the last treasury day end date. 

A message file will be generated and transferred to the central server. Central Server will generate MIS on the basis of information available in that message file. For a given date, for any reasons, if messages file for summary information has to be prepared again, application will ask the reason and reason for re-generation of message file has to be supplied. Unless reason is supplied, new message file will not be generated. It will not be possible to generate message file for arrow information again.

Complete setup of Meghdoot AccountsMIS Client is available in Meghdoot 6.6 CD.  The following steps are to be followed in installing the same:
a. If dot net frame work 2.0 is not installed already, the same may have to be installed (dot net frame work installation is available in eMO prerequisites folder of installation CD)
b. Browse the folder Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client setup.
c. Double click on Meghdoot MIS Client.msi file. Follow the onscreen instructions.
d. After installing the software, double click on RegisterCACft.exe available at the installation folder and follow the onscreen instructions. Unless certificate is added, data can’t be transferred to central Server (If Meghdoot MIS Client is installed on the same machine as eMO Client, this step is not required )

Initial Configuration (One Time)
After installing the application, and running it for the first time, the initial Configuration screen will appear (Fig. 1). The following information has to be entered
a. Office type ( For sub offices select suboffice, for Head offices select Head office and if your HO is identified under project arrow, check project arrow check box.  For suboffice, there is no need to specifically check the arrow office check box.
b. Enter the Name of the office.
b. Pin code of the office
c. Non Delivery Code of the office (If some other HO is also having the same pin code as your  office, then specific ND Code needs to be supplied, otherwise leave the value of 00)
d. Name of the Meghdoot SQL Server (Name of the SQL Server, where treasury, subaccounts, bosubaccounts, subtreasury databases are available).
e. Name of the Sanchay SQL Server (Name of the SQL Server, where sanchay post related databases like post,sign and other databases are available). (If the office is a suboffice/HO identified under Arrow project, then only providing Sanchay SQL Server information is required)
f. if the office is using dialup to connect to internet, dialup radio button needs to be selected and the name of the dialup to use needs to be supplied.
g. If the user wants to schedule the calling time, this option needs to be checked and the schedule time in 24 Hour format needs to be entered.
h. The web server details are default. If there is a specific communication from PTC or Directorate about change in central server details, then only it needs to be changed.
i. After supplying the above information, the application will try to connect to the sql server with the provided details (for HOs / HOs identified under Project Arrow) and generate the message file containing the information of SOs and BOs in account with user’s office.

After completing the configuration, replace the Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client.exe with the new one available in Meghdoot 6.6 Service Pack-1  (available in ftp site).
Please ensure that  all the other modules like Point of Sale, Postman, Treasury are upgraded to the latest release

Figure 1

Once the configuration is completed, either for user selecting the specific date of transaction, or for scheduled activity, the following screen will appear (Figure 2)

Day to Day Activity

Figure 2
Using this screen, the schedule already created can be changed (if required). Click on Change schedule check box and supply the revised schedule timings and click on change button. The schedule will be revised.
If there is a need to transfer data for a specific date, transaction date needs to be checked and that date needs to be supplied and OK button needs to be clicked.
If OK button is clicked without selecting a date, then last day end date in treasury will be taken up and message file will be created.
Clicking on Close button will close the application.
If a message file is already available, remarks will be asked. Supply the remarks and click on OK button.
If the user wants to view error log, click on view error log link and in the screen appearing select the specific error log file , which you want to view.
If there are any pending files for transmission to central server, click on transmit pending files link , this will transmit the pending files.

General Information
The application once installed, users can find only one folder by name Data folder (inside this Txd folder and Logs folder will be available).
·         The message files created will be available in data folder. Once they are transmitted to Central server, they will be moved to txd folder.
·         If there are any errors, they will be logged into the file and log file will be available at Logs folder. Looking at those files will give the idea of the nature of problem that has occurred.
·         Message files can not be generated for data older than 2 months message files can not be generated again for arrow related information.
·         Once application has completed the activity, it is suggested to verify the last message that is appearing in the Progress Status and the information recorded in the Error Log created for that day available in the Logs folder.

Precautionary Information
The following modules should be operated  carefully and day end in these modules should happen through software daily in order to transmit the Project Arrow data (DET)
i)                    SpeedNet: Work in Speednet module should be completed first before performing day end in either Point of Sale/Postman/Despatch modules.  There is no need to perform day end in speednet module, but
a) if any BNPL articles are there, Data entry for those BNPL articles should be done
b) Flushing of Data should be done.
c) Returns of all the Speed Post articles invoiced to Postman beats on that date should be taken
ii)                   Postman
iii)                 Point of Sale
iv)                 Despatch
v)                  Treasury

In Head Offices, if for any reasons, Sub accounts application is re-installed, the Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client also needs to be re-installed.

Viewing the MIS
Once data has been transmitted successfully, the MIS generated from that data can be viewed at the web address: https://services.ptcmysore.gov.in/accountsmis/.

The Login ID and Password are dop and accts respectively.


Error message
‘Could not establish secured connectivity ssl/tsl error’
Copy the certificate and Registercacft.exe available in the emo installation folder to the accounts mis client installation folder and double click on REgistercacft.exe

Unable to continue due to the following error

There is a problem with SQL Server
Could not find procedure arrow_get_data.

This problem is coming due to non upgradation of Treasury database. Upgrade it to Meghdoot 6.6  SP1 by following the procedure.

Unable to continue due to the following error

There is some application error
AccountHead Tables not available.

Subaccounts activity did not happen properly or proper date of transaction is not selected
There is some error
Already Arrow Project information file is available. Re generating the information is not allowed.
Use the transmit pending files option and then the files will be transmitted.
Unable to continue due to the following error..
There is a problem with SQL Server
Ambiguous column name 'socode'

please upgrade the treasury database once again. The database is not upgraded properly.
Day end not happened in Sanchay Post
Please ensure that Sanchay Post 6.5 with all latest patches is installed. The project database will be updated from the date on which all Sanchaypost patches are installed as stated above.

Day end not happened in Point of Sale/Postman/Despatch/ Treasury

Day End in these modules is compulsory before running AccountsMIS for any Date
Error in communication
“remote name could not be resolved”

This problem is due to problem in internet connectivity, please check the connectivity at your end.
AccountsMISCommn-sendData1A :Error in Transmitting file in txd.

Please search and delete the file trxcheck.log from your system and then transmit the files.

There is some Error:
Accounts MIS Error in communication Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Please check Log file to see whether there are any other specific errors.

Delete all the files available in data folder and re-generate the files once again selecting the transaction date.
Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server

If you are using sql server 2005 enable named pipes.

Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager in Configuration Tools
Select SQL Native Client Configuration
Then Select Client Protocols
In that check whether TCP/IP and Named Pipes are enabled or not.
If not enabled then enable them.

Sub Query returned more than one value
Please forward the backup of Treasury database to PTC Mysore [Applicable in the case of HO only]

The required resource can't be accessed. access to path C:\ProgramFiles\PTC Mysore\AccountsMIS Client Setup\AccountHeads.xml' is denied.

The windows user is not having permission to access the file. Please give proper permission for the user.
Time Out Expired
 This error is related to SQL Server Connectivity or lack of response from the SQL Server. Please check SQL Server connectivity .

Error in communication Unable to connect to the remote server

Please check your internet connectivity.
One of the following dependency is missing.
The missing item is : Required folders in Project  database.
This is a critical error
Please check up Log files to see whether there are any other specific errors.
This error is either due to the non availability of the project database or the relevant table in project database. Please contact SDC chennai for further guidance.
unable to continue-Object reference not set to an instance an object
Please use latest accountsMIS.exe available in ftp site in SP1 and provide  proper information in configuration.
Underlying connection was closed
Please register the certificate. If still not solved copy the regcft.exe file from the MM 6.6 CD eMO client installation folder and register it once again.

AccountsMIS Client Setup & Patch

AccountsMIS Website Link

AccountsMIS Client Setup 

AccountsMIS Client Patches

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