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How To Change Fonts In Epson LX-300+ Printer

Written By Admin on February 24, 2012 | Friday, February 24, 2012

We can change the font on Epson LX-300+ printer by setting up the panel buttons on the printer. Many people have asked this problem to me, on this occasion I will discussthe issue.

To change font in Epson LX-300+ Printer is as follows :

Step 1
Switch on the Printer.

Step 2
Hold the Pause Button for 3 Seconds (until you here a beeb sound).

Step 3
Now you see the pause LED blinks, now you press Font button to change the font (you here beeb sound on change of each font).

Step 4
After selecting the font press pause button once.

Step 5
Thats it now your font has been changed.

Courtesy : sysadmindop.blogspot.in
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