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Speednet Errors & Solutions

Written By Admin on Apr 16, 2010 | April 16, 2010

All speed net problems and solutions provided by ptc

Trouble Shooting in SpeedNet package: 
Uploaded Date : 14/07/2009 – (+) 17/07/2009

The questions /problems in this FAQ is arranged in the order of :
· Installation 
· Configuration
· Login
· Supervisory options
· Operator options
(You may also use Find option of MS Word with error description to easily locate the solution in this file)
While installing error-
“Insert Disk”
There is an old speednet CAB file present in OS installation folder.

Please search for sp*.cab file in C:\Windows or C:\Winnt folder. If found delete them.

Then install the package afresh
While installing system is asked to be restarted every time.
Check whether Service Pack SP 4 for Windows 2000 or SP3 for XP systems are installed.

While installing – error MSDART.dll file
If the following error occurs during the Client installation –

“The Procedure entry point couldn’t be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.DLL.”

When the error occurs – Click on OK.
Then next it will show a file registration error – Click on Ignore.
Then again the MSDART.DLL error occurs . Click on OK
Then next it will show another file registration error – Click on
Now it will install.

Now package gets installed. This error will not cause any problem in the package.

Note: If any Version Conflict messages appears, then keep the existing files in the system and continue the installation.

At the end of the installation error – “Path not Found”
Click on Retry button to continue. If this doesn’t solve the problem, reinstall the client component.
Active X Component Error –
Found at any stage during installation.
Check whether Service Pack SP 4 for Windows 2000 or SP3 for XP systems are installed. Also install MDAC 2.7
If using Speednet 3.1 then download the 3.1.1 version from site.

Installation problem in Vista System for the first time
Right click on the setup.exe file and select <Run as Administrator> option. This will install the package without any problem.
Also register all the dll files which are in the SpeedNet Client Installation folder.
To register the dll:
· Right click on Dll file and select Open with
· Select Browse option and go to Windows\System 32 folder. Select Regsvr32 file
· Select open and ok button in the subsequent forms.
· This will show the successful registration message.
· If this process is not registering the Dll then :- please uninstall the SpeedNet client and ensure that old installation files doesn’t exist in the system. Then go to start->Run and type msconfig. A System Tools window opens. Click on Tools option. Search for <Disable User Account Control> option from the list. Select it and click on Launch. Restart the system then install the SpeedNet client and then register the Dlls. At the end don’t forget to go to msconfig ->Tools and select <Enable User Account Control> and launch and restart system.

Note: Enable User Account Control is a must as it is a
 new security component in Windows Vista.

Configuration – Database Creation
While creating the database, message appears as – “Unable to load the configuration file”
Uninstall the SpeedNet Client component from Control Panel –Add Remove Programs and reinstall it.
While creating the database, “Speed Net found an illegal tampering of information... Quitting”
Uninstall the SpeedNet Client component from Control Panel –Add Remove Programs and reinstall it.
While creating database error –
“SQL Server error. Please close all applications”
This is the error related to Hard disk. Check the following.
· Drive letter provided is wrong 
· POSPCC and POSPCCBackup files exist in hard disk 
· No space in the hard disk.
While creating the database error – “Specified SQL Server not found”
The Server name provided is wrong. Please also check whether you have installed SQL as Instance. If so, edit the SQL Server name with SQL Instance name.
While creating the database error “Login failed for user SA”
The SQL Password typed is wrong.
In vista – shared file is not being accessed at the end of client installation.
In cases where new systems are supplied to project arrow offices, some problems in accessing server component folder even after sharing this folder may occur due to architecture of new OS installed in these systems.

IN such case system administrator should overwrite defaults permissions given to SpeedNet server folder :

To do this they can follow the procedure below:

If it is vista operating system
 do the following steps before configuring the permissions:

 Go to Start->Run and type msconfig
 Under Tools, select Disable UAC and click on Launch button given below.
 Restart the system.
 Applying the permission changes to SpeedNet server folder as given below.


 Right click SpeedNet Server folder, select Properties ->Security tab and click on <advanced> button therein.

2) Select the user <Everyone> if already present in the list there or Click on Edit and then <add> button. Type everyone and click on OK.

3) In the next screen, check <Full Control> on permission for Allow.

4) Click on advanced

5) Uncheck the check box <Include inheritable permission from……> . A new option screen appears wherein click on remove button

6) Now click on OK button and Ok button in the previous screen.

7) Share the SpeedNet server folder and assign full permission to user
<Everyone> on shared folder.

Give similar permissions to user <Network service> as above.

Configuration – Other Issues
While configuring, the required SPC name is not found for selection. Then how to install?
The procedure is explained in the SpeedNet Hand Book supplied along with 3.1 version release and the copy of the same is available in Speednet 3.1 CD. (Refer 2.8)
Error Inserting Offices to OfficeMaster –Could not bulk insert. File ‘SPCMaster.txt’ does not exist

This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
While configuring at linked office, Linked office name not found for selection. How to install?
The procedure is explained in the SpeedNet Hand Book supplied along with 3.1 version release and the copy of the same is available in Speednet 3.1 CD. (Refer 2.9)
“Automation Error” at the time of configuration
Solution 1:
Dll Registry problem. Please open the Speednet client folder path (C:\Program Files\Speednet default folder) . Register all the dll files using the regsvr32 file.
Procedure to register:
1. Right click on The dll file
2. Click on – Open with option
3. Browse – C:\Windows\System32
4. Select the file regsvr32.dll
5. Click on Ok to register.

If it is Vista System and there is problem in registration of Dll files, please see the solution given at the heading <Installation> – as to how to register the dll files in vista.

While starting the package itself, there is error
“Error in Opening the Connection 70. Permission denied”
This problem would have occurred in Vista systems.
As a solution, right click on the SpeedNet exe and click on Run As Administrator option and click on Allow to run the package.
While logging in it says the user is already logged in other system.
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Error while logging in –
“Not a valid Password”
This is mdb file access error through the client system.
Check the sharing permissions of the SpednetServer folder at server system. Whether the XP client user has been given full permission to access the folder. 
If by giving permission if the problem is not solved, then reinstall the SpeedNet Server component and share it afresh with full permission to <Everyone> 
(BNPL Module – old bill data will be lost with the re installation of SpeedNet Server)

Error while login –
“BNPL Database is not found in the specified path”
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Login is very slow and takes too much time.
Login as Supervisor – Use Tools->Delete Old data option. Use Truncate option to truncate the log files of POSPCC and POSPCCBackup. (Please ensure that no one uses SpeedNet at that time, else DB will be corrupt)

While Logging in Vista Systems, when selected user, given password and click on OK, package simply exists without any message or error
Right Click on the Speednet.exe which is in the SpeedNet client path (default client path is C:\Program Files\SpeedNet) and click on <Run as Administrator>.

If this is not working then please share the SpeedNet Server folder in the Server System with Special Permission as given in the instruction at the heading <Installation>
Shift Begin /Shift End

While making Shift End error – it gives
BNPL Error /
Pending Message error
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
While making the Shift Begin – it shows the error that system date and time is incorrect.
Please check whether the System date is Current Date.

From SpeedNet 3.1 onwards , package will not allow to make the Shift Begin for a date for which already Shift Begin and Shift End are done.
While making shift End – it shows a big list of non dispatched bags.
This is not an error.
Please read the SpeedNet User Manual or for details on Non Dispatched Bag List.
While making the Shift End – Package exists automatically
Please read the SpeedNet User Manual for details on Shift End for Non Dispatched Bag List. If the list contains huge number of pending bags due to incomplete work in the package, then this happens.
Reinstallation is the solution.
Deposit Bags

Deposit bag Articles are not allowed to be closed in the Bag
A closed deposit bag has to be opened first. Only then those articles can be invoiced.
Bulk Transfer
What is Bulk Transfer option? How is it used?
Please read the SpeedNet Hand Book , page No. 53. A soft copy of the Hand Book is available in Speednet CD 3.1.
Articles transferred by a particular set Supervisor is not available for recipient set Supervisor.
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Check Barcodes for Duplication
While checking the numbers – error –“ Invalid Use of Null”
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Find Article
After Flush – Find article doesn’t show the full details of the article.
In SpeedNet 3.1.1 version, Advanced Search option is available to find the full details from POSPCCBackup database.

Delete Old data
While deleting Old Data – system hangs or Time Out Expired error occurs
Please give a shorter period for deletion. Say, one month or two months period of deletion.
Receipt Schedule
When clicked in View option of Receipt Schedule – error occurs “OverFlow”
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Additional offices to Close the Bag
Some of the required offices are not found in the close bag option. Is there a provision to add such offices.
Login as Supervisor. Go to Master->Offices option.
Use the Tab Add Offices to Close/Dispatch offices .
Here you may add the additional offices to close the bags.

TMO and RMS offices are also available here.
You can also get the offices through Pin Code Fetch and then add the office.

Note: These offices will appear for Receipt of Bag and Delivery through Other Offices options.

Flush Data
While flushing the data – error “Delete statement conflicted with .....”
This problem is solved in Speednet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
While Flushing the data –
“Time out expired”
Server may be busy with too many client loads and the RAM of the server is very less say 256 mb. Or the BNPL data collection is huge and less RAM.
You may upgrade the RAM to solve the problem.
Abstract Balance problem

Abstract shows wrong OB or minus OB
Any wrong opening balance for the current date can be initialised by Supervisor under Tools->Bulk Transfer ->Initialise OB option.
To know the reason for minus balance in the Abstract please refer to the Bulk Transfer Chapter at page no. 53 of SpeedNet Hand Book, a copy of which is available in speednet 3.1 CD.
If the Bulk Transfer is not used for the internal transfers of articles from official to another, then the abstract can’t tally.
How can we remove deposit article (closing balance) which display in Abstract?
You can’t remove the deposit articles or closing balance shown in the Abstract.
But on the next day, you can initialise the OB with correct balance of the users as follows.

Any wrong balance in the abstract can be initialised by Supervisor under Tools->Bulk Transfer ->Initialise OB option.
Once it is re-initialised with correct balances, the office has to take care to tally the abstract every day.
All the transactions done in the SpeedNet package will automatically appear in the abstract except Transfer of Articles.
You have to use Bulk Transfer option provided for Operators and supervisors for transferring the articles. If it is not used the balance will be wrong and minus entry also may occur in the abstract of some users.

Please read the SpeedNet Hand Book, which is supplied along with 3.1 CD and a copy of which is also available in speednet 3.1 CD. This book has all important details to work with SpeedNet.

Modification By Supervisor
Article Entry modification error –
Invalid use of Null
This problem is solved in SpeedNet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
Under Alter Bags Opened – while modifying the Article Type or deleting an article from an already Opened Bag – error occurs.
“Invalid use of null” or “Stored procedure expects ..... parameter e”
This problem is solved in SpeedNet 3.1.1.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.

Collection of Booked Articles
Is there a provision to collect the booked articles from the linked offices of other SPC or linked office of other SPC?
Such articles can’t be collected under Collection of Booked articles (because this office doesn’t come under the MIS of collecting office) but can be received under
 Receipt of Bag option. 

Please note that – those sending office should have installed the SpeedNet package with internet connection so that the booking article message goes to central server from their office itself and then they close the bag to other SPC or linked office of other SPC.
(if SpeedNet is not installed in such office, they can install Communication module for Point of Sale so that message is created from POS itself)

To get the name of such linked office under Receipt of bag of collecting office, please login as supervisor. Go to Master->Offices option. Use the Tab Add Offices to Close/Dispatch offices .
Here you may add the additional offices which will appear under Receipt of Bags also.

If such offices are not having Internet connection then they should send the articles to their SPC only or go for Internet connection and then do as suggested above.

How to collect the articles booked at the Non Computerised offices at SPC?
Under Receipts->Collect Articles with Booking Details option to be used for such articles.
Without the detailed data entry for those articles, MIS will not get updated
Linked offices are booking the articles through computer. But can’t transfer the article data through floppy as it is getting corrupt or there are no floppy drives at systems.
At linked offices having internet connection, Communication module can be installed for Point of Sale, so that the booked article message directly goes to Central Server through Point of Sale itself.

In the Point of Sale package, the name of the Office and Pin code should be configured correctly as it appears in the SpeedNet package as Linked Office. If it is a non delivery office, non delivery code should be correctly configured in the Point of sale as appears in SpeedNet.

Note: Office Name, Pin code, Non Delivery code of such office can be seen in the SpeedNet package under Supervisor menu ->Master->Offices option as details of Linked Offices.
How does the Booked Article data goes to MIS?
Articles are booked at Point of Sale package. Booked Article detailed data should go to Central server through SpeedNet package or through Point of Sale package.

For that those offices having the SpeedNet and POS in same network, they can configure the name of the Point of Sale Server at Supervisor option Master->Environment->Folder Path option as a Network link. SpeedNet Communication will fetch the Booking Data from POS and send it to central server during its calls.

Offices where SpeedNet and Point of Sale are not in same network , booking data can be downloaded under Point of Sale Supervisor menu Tools->Download SpeedNet Data into floppy or Pen drive and upload the same into SpeedNet through Data Upload through Floppy. When the data is so uploaded into SpeedNet, the Booked Article message is created and sent to central server. ( Instead of this procedure, if the Communication package is installed for Point of Sale itself, booking data will directly go to central server from POS. For more details please read the earlier FAQ on this subject)

For articles booked at Non Computerised Offices, the SPC which collects those articles should give the detailed data entry while collecting the articles then the Booking Message will be created and sent to Central server.

Note: If there is no detailed data for any booked article collected in the SpeedNet package, booking message will not be created.

Whether it is possible to change the type of the article which is already collected?
Yes. Supervisor has to login. Use Modification->Article Data Entry option. Scan the article and make the modification. Log entry will be made for such modification and the abstract entry for modification to insured articles have to be manually marked in Abstract entry in red ink .

Fetch From Point Of Sale Package
While fetching POS data through Network – error
POS is Configured as SQL Version, But connection could not be established to the Counter database of <POS Server Path>”

1. Check whether the Point of Sale server name is correctly configured by Supervisor at Master->Environment-> Folder Path option. (Earlier version, this was Pointofsale Server path but now it is Server name)
2. POS and SpeedNet – both the Servers should be in same Domain.
3. If POS Server is different from SpeedNet Server then ensure that POS Server system is on and the SQL is running.

While fetching the data – error

Some problem in Connecting to Database.”

This problem occurs for those who use SQL 2005 Server for SpeedNet. Please download the solution file from the given link. Read the solution and configure the Surface Area Configuration.


Also ensure that you change the password complexity to minimum under Local Security Policy in the server system.
While saving the fetched articles of Point of Sale
 error –
“Error occurred during collection. Data can’t be saved
Some of the fetched articles are duplicate articles and hence the error in saving the articles.

Operator can check under Tools->Check Barcodes for Duplicates, by giving the From and To numbers of the articles booked at counter and find whether there are duplicate articles.

If so, such articles can be deleted from the Fetched POS article List and then save the rest of the articles. Please note that duplicate articles can’t be handled at SpeedNet package and hence stop booking the articles with duplicate barcodes.
Heterogeneous Queries – error while fetching the POS data through network
Solution is available at –
While trying to fetch speed post data from POS – error message appeared as –
“Login Failed for User Counterpa. Reason: Not associated with a trusted sql server connection”
The SQL server has been configured to operate in “Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)” and doesn’t allow
the use of SQL accounts.

Under SQL Properties change the Authentication Mode of the SQL server from “Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)” to “Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)”.

Note: You have to do it at off time of the office. Restart the server and then set the properties. As a precaution, take the backup of the databases.

Receipt Of Bag
While receiving the Bag – error “Carrier data not available”
Please go to Supervisor option Master->Receipt Schedule. Check whether the days option configured for the receipt schedule is correct. For example, you might have configured the receipt schedule as <Expect Sundays> and on Sunday you may be receiving the bag. As there is no receipt schedule for Sunday, this error may occur.

You are not using SpeedNet 3.1.1 version. If you use that version this error will not occur. Instead it clearly shows the day for which the receipt schedule is not configured and where to do the correction.
While receiving the bag message says, “Communication folder not accessible hence message can’t be created”
Please ensure that EMSClient folder of Communication package is shared with full rights to the user. (Give special permission to users in Vista Systems)
Supervisor has configured the Folder path correctly. Please note that whenever folder path is modified, the package has to be restarted.

Under Receipt Bag itself, we need to open the bags immediately on receiving them instead of going to a different option ->Open Bag.
This is provided in SpeedNet 3.1.1. If you press F 10 button on the receipt of Bag option after receiving all the bags, ypu may open them there itself.

You are using older version. Please download the 3.1.1 version and upgrade.
While receiving the Bag the destination is selected wrongly. Is there a provision to correct it?
Yes. View->Bags Received option. Fetch the bags received for that day. Select the bag and click on <Modify Bag> option given below. You can change the source and destination office names.
Opening of Bag
When a Bag is opened , an article type is collected wrongly
Need to include additional articles into Bag which is already open
Need to delete articles into Bag which is already open

Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible to Supervisor. He can login and use Modification menu.

Use Alter Bag Opened – Add/Modify or Delete option as the case may be to modify the data.

Log entry will be made and the abstract will be modified.
While opening the bag message says, “Communication folder not accessible hence message can’t be created”
Please ensure that EMSClient folder of Communication package is shared with full rights to the user. (Give special permission to users in Vista Systems)
Supervisor has configured the Folder path correctly. Please note that whenever folder path is modified, the package has to be restarted.

When a bad barcode is scanned message says that the “bag is not addressed to your office”
This is not an error. This is a message in the opening of Bag option.

This message says that

- Only bags with destination as your office can be opened.
- while receiving the bag – the destination for the bag may not be selected as your office and hence the bag can’t be opened.

Please go to Tools->View Bags Received option and check whether the TO Office column of this bag for is appearing as your office.

If To Office is not your office thern – use the Modify Bag option given below to change the To Office to Your Office
Virtual Scanning
 is not happening while opening the bag
This is not a package problem. For the following reasons, virtual scanning may not happen.

1. The originating office wouldn’t have closed the bag in SpeedNet. (See whether the Manifest received by you is generated through SpeedNet package)
2. The originating office would have closed the bag but due to communication package problem or internet connection problem, the bag message wouldn’t have reached the central server.
3. The bag which is opened at your place, may not be having the same bag barcode which has been affixed at the time of closure of the bag.
4. The Bag is closed to a wrong office and hence bag message would have gone to the wrong office but to the correct entry in bag label, bag is received by your office. (This can be checked in the Manifest as the mail list shows the Office Name at the top)
5. Finally, there may be technical problem at Central Server due to which the Bag Messages could not be forwarded.

Close Bag
Though, the Bags are closed to different destinations, the
 manifest shows destination as 1 CBPO or first office in the list of destination offices.
This is not a package problem but procedural error by operator.

This problem occurs when the Skip Scanning is used while closing the Bag. ( When the Bag is already prepared using Collect and Dispatch option or BNPL Collection option, operator can skip further scanning into the same bag and hence use Skip scanning option)

Before selecting the Skip Scan option, operator has to selecting the destination to which Bag is already prepared. If he doesn’t select the office but just clicks on Skip Scanning option, then the Bag will be closed to the first office in the Destination list with a warning message, usually it is 1 CBPO or any other office starting with a number.

While closing the bag, clicked on Finish button, “Invalid Article Number” error occurs.
This error occurs when the operator has deselected the Article Check option and then scanned a article which is not collected by the package.
When closing the bag, software will check whether all the articles are collected or not. If not, it syays , it is invalid article. Such articles have to be noted and can be collected in the system and the bag can be closed again.

While closing the bag message says, “Communication folder not accessible hence message can’t be created”
Please ensure that EMSClient folder of Communication package is shared with full rights to the user. (Give special permission to users in Vista Systems)
Supervisor has configured the Folder path correctly. Please note that whenever folder path is modified, the package has to be restarted.

Whether additional articles can be added into or any article can be deleted from a closed Bag?
Yes. Supervisor has to login and select Modification -> Articles Sent data. Use the Add / Delete tab therein and do the addition or deletion as the case may be.
Log entry will be made and the abstract will be modified.
When a closed Bag can’t to cancelled altogether?
Yes. Supervisor can do it under Modification->Cancel Bags Sent option.
Log entry will be created for this.
The cancelled Bag Barcode can’t be reused.
Beat Returned Articles are not getting closed
 in the bag . Message says these articles are not collected.
Under Delivery , there is a option named, Dispatch -> Beat and Deposit Articles. All beat returned articles to be dispatched- have to be scanned under this dispatch option. Only then they can be allowed to be closed in the Bag.
Please note that the Deposit Articles whose deposit period has been expired also have to be scanned here and then closed in the Bag.
Is there a provision to configure the Transit Bag closure?
Whether Transit Bag can be closed without scanning all the content bags?
Yes there is. Operator can do the configuration under Tools->Mail List/TB List Configuration. For more details, refer the SpeedNet Hand Book. Once the TB list content bags are configured, Operator can just select the TB Destination and fetch the content bags.

Dispatch of Bag through Mail List
Is there a provision to dispatch forward mail list?
Yes there is. Operator can use the Forward Mail List button under Dispatch option and give the required details of the forward Bags in the FML. These details will be printed in the Mail List.
Is there provision to prepare Mail List without scanning all the bags for dispatch?
It is difficult to prepared Mail List in the package by scanning all the bags for dispatch
Yes there is. Operator can do the configuration under Tools->Mail List/TB List Configuration. For more details, refer the SpeedNet Hand Book. Once the Mail List is configured, operator can just select the schedule of dispatch and fetch the Bags for the mail list.
Whether additional bags can be added into the Dispatch List which is already prepared?
Yes. It is possible. Operator has to select the required dispatch schedule and ad the additional bags and print the mail list again.

BNPL Related

How to
 exempt the whole office from Service Tax as in the case for offices in J & K state
Login as Supervisor
Go to Master->Environment->My Office Details option.
There is a check box provided to mark the office as a whole to be exempted from Service Tax.
How to configure the
 Service Tax exemption for a particular Customer
Supervisor menu option BNPL -.Customer Details option.
In version 3.1, provision is made to select the Tax exemption while adding the new customer.
For the already existing customer, provision is made under Modify Customer to select or deselect the Tax exemption.
How to add
 new Service Tax rates in the package?
Under Supervisor option, BNPL->BNPL Configuration -> Miscellaneous Charges -> Service Tax tab, the rates can be configured.
Please also check
For a updation of rates configuration in the package
In BNPL Configuration option, there is
 no provision to modify any configuration items why?
From the data security point of view, Rate, Weight, Limits and Countries options are not provided with modification. SpeedNet package will provide the current configuration in the package and whenever there is modification, Solution Patch will be released for all to update the package with new configuration data.
Whether the BNPL booked data
 will be updated in the MIS
Yes. Only if the detailed data for each BNPL article is provided in the package.
In 3.1 , we have simplified the BNPL article collection option wherein if certain procedures are followed as explained in the Help Tab of the Article Collection option, huge number of articles cab be booked with possible minimum time.
Note: Before booking the articles , duplicate barcode has to be checked under Tools->Check for Duplicate articles option by scanning the from and to numbers of the articles to be booked.
Duplicate articles will not shown in the MIS.
Even after configuring the new service tax rates in speed net package, the collected article
 tariff of local articles is not coming correctly ( the amount should be exclusive of Service Tax +Ed Cess)
Solution available in FTP site

Also please ensure that, supervisor configures the new service tax rates under
 BNPL->BNPL Configuration ->Miscellaneous Charges

In 3.1 version of BNPL article collection; there is no provision to
 provide the address particulars of the articles.

You may press F9 button in the Collect BNPL Articles option and you will get the older version Collection screen, wherein you can give the address details.

A new option to upload the Address data offline through exl file option is provided to Operator under Tools -> Articles Address Data.
In 3.1 version of
 BNPL article collection; there is no provision to book other than SPA articles.

You may press F9 button in the Collect BNPL Articles option and you will get another screen for collection of articles wherein all types of articles will be available for collection.
Is there provision to
 upload the BNPL articles data through data file?
Yes. In 3.1 version, provision is made to upload the BNPL article data through Excel File. Please see the details under BNPL->Upload Excel Data File. The file should have the correct format else it will not upload.
 Bulk Customer Module is discontinued
Yes. Instead of working in two different modules, now operator can work in single module ‘SpeedNet ‘ and hence all the provisions of Bulk Customer module has been incorporated into SpeedNet under BNPL menu options. Please check.
 uploading the excel file – it gives BNPL Dll error.
“OLE DB Provider.... reported an error....”

The excel file to be uploaded should be always kept in a shared folder else this error will occur.
Hence please do the following.
1. Create a folder as ‘BNPLDataFile’ in the client system where you upload the file.
2. Share this folder with full permission to the user who has logged into SpeedNet client system
3. Copy the excel file in this folder
4. Now try upload.

SQL 2005 Users:
After doing the above step, if you are using the SQL 2005 at Server then one additional configuration has to be done as explained under this link.

Corporate Customer package
 is not included in SpeedNet 3.1 CD. Why?
We have stopped the support of the Corporate Customer module in the wake of providing the Excel Data File upload option. Your office may provide the Corporate Customer module from earlier version CD, but
While processing the Bill, message says that – Bill can’t be generated as there are
 Articles pending for data entry.
This is not an error message. BNPL Billing is not allowed when there are BNPL collected articles available in the database to which detailed data entry is not made. Without the tariff information, those articles can’t be included in the Bill and also those articles having booked in the package, can’t be excluded from the Bill.

Hence operator has to do the detailed data entry for all those articles. A separate report of Articles pending for data entry is given in the BNPL Report option.
IS there a provision to enter
 duplicate barcodes of BNPL Customer
In speedNet 3.1 , Operator has got a new option under Tools menu ie., Check Duplicate Barcode.
Before booking the BNPL Article (also while issuing the special journal Book to customer), this option has to be used to check the duplicacy.
If there is duplicate, no such articles should be booked in SpeedNet nor such books should be issued to customer. 
Such matters may please be brought to the concerned officers to stop the printing of Duplicate Barcodes.
 Bill is not getting created
Login as Supervisor and check under Master->Environment->My office Details whether BNPL Billing is selected.
In the BNPL Bill,
 Service Tax is not calculated for any customer
Under Supervisor Option -> Master->Environment->My Office, there is option to select exemption of Service tax to whole office.
Please note that in earlier versions , there was similar check box for selecting the Service Tax applicability to the office. If without reading the changes in the new version, if supervisor selects this option – then Service Tax will be exempted for the whole office 
Even after selecting the
 Customer category as Govt customer for a customer, Service tax is calculated for him.
In the earlier version of 3.1, it was provided that Govt Category Customers are exempted from Service Tax but is it was not correct as per the exemption instruction. Hence, now the exemption procedure is changed as follows. 
In Supervisor option BNPL->Customer Details there is option to select the Service Tax exemption for a particular customer. For the existing customer, this can be configured under Modify option.
Only then tax will be exempted and it is not based on customer category as it was in earlier version.
Service Tax calculated
 in the package is wrong
Service Tax is calculated based on the Rates configured by the Supervisor under BNPL->BNPL Configuration -> Miscellaneous Charges option.
If the latest rates are not configured, then Service Tax amount will be wrong.
In such cases, Supervisor should arrange to adjust the difference amount manually. And configure the exact rates as explained above for getting the correct Service Tax calculated in the package.


While taking Returns –
Error in
 Loading the DLL 
There may be some of the system DLLs which are not Windows DLL or
A system DLL may be an early Microsoft Windows DLL that is incompatible with current version of Windows or
Some of the reference DLLs of windows may not be present.

For these reasons, we can't identify the exact DLL file which is giving the problem.

You may reinstall the OS and install all pre - requisites , make the system ready and then install SpeedNet.

The problem will be solved.

While printing Delivery Reports –
 SQL Connection error occurs
When the error occurs click on OK
· In the Next Screen, select your SQL Server name. If it is SQL Instance then give the SQL Instance Name 
· Check the Trusted Connection check box
· Click on OK

Thereafter this error will not occur.

An insured Article invoiced
 to Postmen appears as SPA article

· This is not an error in the package. While invoicing the Article to Postmen, by default SPA type will be available (as more than 90 percent articles will be SPA). In case there are Insured article, operator is supposed to select the article type as SP INS.
· By default Auto Save and SPA type is already selected. To change the article type, AUTO SAVE check box has to be deselected and then correct article type should be selected.
· We have not made the article type as an automatic entry in Invoicing Articles for delivery (as in the case of Closing of Bag) because if while invoicing the article to Postmen , Article type is wrong, then it will be time consuming for the operator to approach the Supervisor to change the Type. Hence operator is allowed to make the selection of correct article type while invoicing and later can approach the Supervisor for change of article type for the purpose of tallying the abstract. ( If supervisor is not changing the article type, Abstract will not tally)

When an article
 invoiced to Post Man is deleted, it is not reflecting in the Abstract
Please download and use SpeedNet 3.1.1
When the
 returns of postmen are modified from one remarks to the other, it is not effecting in Abstract.
Please download and use SpeedNet 3.1.1
Beat returns articles
 can’t be closed in a Bag
This is not an error in the package. All beat returned Articles and Disposable Deposit articles have to be scanned under Delivery->Dispatch->Beat and Deposit articles option and then close into the Bag.
How to send
 the articles for delivery to other offices and to take returns from them?
Whether it will be updated in MIS?
Under Delivery->Invoicing->Articles to Other Office option, all the linked offices of the SPC will occur and operator can invoice the articles to other offices.
Those offices have to send to SPC, article delivery status on daily basis.
SPC has to use the Delivery-> Remarks from Other Offices option to feed the return remarks received from Otehr Offices.
Once the remarks are entered into the package, Article delivery message will be sent to Central Server thereby MIS will reflect these figures.
How to send the
 articles for delivery to Branch Offices?
Under Delivery->Invoicing->Articles to Other Office option, all the linked offices of the SPC will occur and operator can invoice the articles to other offices.
If Branch Office is not in the list then – System Administrator – SpeedNet has to login to
 www.indiapost.gov.in/spc site confirm that Branch Offices are added as Linked Offices. Thereafter, he can download the file for his Circle and upload the new offices data to local database through Update Offices option under Communication package.
For more details on adding the offices at SPC site, read SpeedNet Hand Book.
Speed Money orders are not paid by SPC.
How to dispose such MO?
By default , SpeedNet package has Devilry->Invoicing->Money Order->MOs Transferred option through which Money Orders can be transferred to the paying office.
The Payment or remarks on attempted payment remarks have to be collected from the payment office. Use Delivery-> Money Order Remarks option to enter the remarks so collected from payment office.
Now the delivery message will be created and the MIS is updated with this data.

If Speed
 Money orders to be delivered through Postmen , how to invoice them in the package?
Supervisor has to use Delivery-> General Information option and select – SPMOS are paid through Postmen option.
Now operator can invoice the MOs to Postmen under Delivery->Invoicing->Money Oder->Money Order for Payment option.
As there is no treasury link provided to SpeedNet, those MOS have to be also invoiced in Post Man package as a different batch articles, so that Cash for Payment can be received from Treasury and all further disposal processes to be done in Postman package.
In addition to this, Money Order returns have to be taken in SpeedNet package also so that payment message is created and Central Server is updated.
As the Number of Speed MOs are very meagre, this wil not be much time consuming.

While giving returns remaks of other offices under <Remarks from other offices> option, an error occurred .'A date was specified that does not fall within the mindate and maxdate properties'
Please download and use SpeedNet 3.1.1

MIS - booked and delivered information
 not appearing for SPC/Linked Office/Non Computerised Offices
At the very outset, confirm the following and then proceed with further instructions.
· Login to www.indiapost.gov.in/spc site and confirm that the said office is added as Linked Office to SPC.
· Also confirm that under Configure Linked Office – the details of the office is furnished in full.
· Go to SpeedNet MIS page, select your Circle, Region, Division and then SPC and select a long period say a month and confirm that still the office name is not figuring.

Now do the following.

At SPC and Linked Offices which are computerised with Internet connection :

Please confirm the following:

1. If the Booked articles MIS has to come then booked articles messages have to be sent to Central Server.

It is possible when -
1. Point of Sale and SpeedNet are connected through network and Point of Sale Server Name (not the POS Server path) is correctly configured by the SpeedNet Supervisor under Master->Environment->Folder Path option.
2. Point of Sale and SpeedNet are NOT connected through network, then SpeedNet booked Data can be downloaded to Floppy or Pen Drive from POS Supervisor menu option, it should be uploaded into SpeedNet through Floppy data Upload option. 

SpeedNet Booked Data of Point of Sale package, can
 also be downloaded into a Shared folder in Server or client system and the SpeedNet operator can use the Floppy Data Upload option and select the Shared Folder for upload instead of floppy.
The booked articles should be collected in SpeedNet with full Booking details. (Receipts->Collect Articles with Booking Details)

If any linked office is booking speed articles but not using the SpeedNet Package for closing the Bags and dispatching etc (as those articles are sent to intermediate office or SPC without closing the bag), they may install the Communication package for POS instead of SpeedNet so that booked messages will be directly transmitted to MIS from the POS itself. In POS Office details the office pincode should be correct and if it is a non delivery office – the non delivery code should be configured as configured in the SPC site as linked office.

3. Delivery MIS will be available; if the Articles are invoiced to postman and 100% returns are taken in the SpeedNet package.

At Non Computerised Offices:

1. The procedure to be adopted for uploading booking/delivery data of non computerized offices through SPC or other computerized offices .

Booking Data:
· Articles booked at Non Computerised offices have to be sent to its SPC where the articles are supposed to be disposed to destination through Close Bag.
· SPC has to collect those articles under Receipts ->Collection of Articles with Booking Details option and enter the booking details for the articles. The office name from which the article is received has to be selected correctly.
· While saving these articles, Booking message will be created for those articles. When the communication module calls the Server, those messages will go to Central Server from where it will reflect in MIS.

Note: If the articles booked at non computerised offices are routed to SPC through other computerised linked offices, then those computerised offices also have to collect the article of non computerised offices as mentioned above. Then send the articles along with their articles to SPC for disposal.

Delivery Data of Non Computerised Office:
· SPC has to send the articles meant to be delivered at non computerised offices using the SpeedNet package. Operator has to use Delivery menu-> Invoice Articles->Articles to Other office options. ( If any linked office is not shown here, such offices have to be added in SPC site (More details on how to add additional offices at SPC site is given in the SpeedNet 3.1 Hand book supplied along with 3.1 CD and a copy of the same available inside the CD)
· SPC should collect the Delivery status of the articles sent to such offices. Non Computerised offices have to send the delivery status for those articles on daily basis to SPC.
· SPC has to enter the delivery status under Delivery menu->Remarks from other office option.
· Now the Delivery message will be created for those articles and sent to Central Server for MIS.

 Office name appears in the MIS with a wrong spelling.
System Administrator SpeedNet to login to
Go to Linked offices -> Modify Office option and change the Office name.
The SPC or
 Linked Office Pin code is given in the site wrongly.
The head of the concerned office should send this requirement through proper channel, addressing the letter to Director, PTC, Mysore for such correction.
How to change the
 wrongly configured linked offices from one SPC to the other?
This should be the job of 2 concerned System Administrator. System Administrator of the SPC from which the list of offices have to be removed, have to login to
 www.indiapost.gov.in/spc site. Go to Linked Offices option and go to View Option. There is remove option to remove the wrongly added offices from the list. 
Then the other System Administrator can login and go to linked offices option. Now those removed offices will be available to be added under his SPC. Add them.
If the SPC or Office is shown under a
 wrong Division, how to fix the problem.
It is required that a Official Letter requesting for such a change has to sent to us - through the Head of the requesting Division addressed to Director , PTC, Mysore. On receipt of that official letter, PTC will be able to effect the change.

If a
 Linked Office is not found in the list, how to add it?
Use Additional Offices option and add the office. Then give the full particulars of the office under configure Linked office option.

How to add
 Branch Offices at SPC site
Please login to SPC site. Add the BO as Additional Office with Office type as Non Delivery Office. Configure the Office data under Linked Office option and check that the newly added office appears under Linked Offices list.

Then download your circle data. Copy it into Speednet Communication System
Use <Update Offices> option under Speednet Communication menu to upload the data to local database.

Now you wil get the data. Please note that the newly added office appears under your Linked Offices List in the site.
How to add new SPC to
 www.indiapost.gov.in/spc site and to install the speednet at new SPC.
When a new SPC comes into existence – the concerned head of the office has to intimate PTC Mysore the following details of the SPC in his official letter addressed to Director, PTC, Mysore. The letter may have the email id of the SpeedNet System Administrator.
Details of SPC:
<SPC Name
Pin Code
Division Name
Region Name
Circle Name>
Once we add the SPC at Central Server, we will intimate the userid and password through email furnished in the letter. System Administrator has to login to spc site and update SPC information therein. Also add and configure all the linked office to it.
Then download his circle data file.
This file has to be updated to local database through Communicate Package.
This procedure may be read in detail at SpeedNet Hand Book.

Why the MIS booked figure is
 not tallying with the actual figure of the office?
First of all, booking data will appear in the MIS for those articles which are collected in SpeedNet package with full details, either through Network fetch, or Floppy data or detailed data entry for articles. BNPL articles also will be included in Booking MIS.

Hence all those points where detailed data entry is made, it should be ensured that the booking office is selected correctly. For example, while collecting the linked office data at SPC, if the booking office is taken wrongly as SPC, then linked office data will be shown against the SPC at MIS.

Its also a reason that if the articles booked at a office are already booked with the same barcode at other offices ( duplicate article booking) at the earlier period, then the MIS will not include those articles for the current office. This can be check in MIS – Duplicate articles option.

When non delivery code is not configured for Non Delivery offices - then those articles will be included with the data of its parent office whose pin code it has.
Detailed data entry not made for all articles collected by linked offices.
Detailed data entry not made for all BNPL articles collected .

Thanks to Harikumaran.N, SA , Andhra Pradesh
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March 20, 2010

Dear Sir,
The information contained in this page is most important for the SAs to troubleshoo the speed net package installation and working problems. Its nics collection.
Thanking You Sir for uploading important information.

Dinesh Hire
SA Bhusawal HO

March 22, 2010

Sir, I have installed speed net 3.1 in vista operating machine all package are sucsessfully running but speed net communication are not correct running time to time speed net comm are fresh install then after deta are send ( error message are cheking of file ) please give me solution please
from vinod fuldeore
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April 03, 2010

i drwal of new da arror bur arror in come no record found

May 05, 2010

sir we are from koppa hpo and we ahve the problem with pension generation where the pension voutres were generated but where in report generation the error occours run time error comes and the package exits itself

August 17, 2010

dear sir for last three months iam searching solution for following problem please help me out.. hile fetching articles from pos to speednet articles are not fetching and it is showing that articles are recently fetched or pos is not in work for 2days..iam using 3.1.1 only please mail me at sunil.sa.dmmho@gmail.com

manojkumar s tiptur hpo
August 19, 2010

Dear sir,
We are from tipturhpo, we have reinstalled speednet3.1.1 recently.now we have a problem regarding speed performance report.we are unable to take the performance report for the current day (we receive the blank report), instead we take the same in next coming day, including this we received the report wrongly with refferance to articles given and delivered. please guide us in this regard.

August 19, 2010

for manojkumar s tiptur hpo

Upgrade the SPCC database by using Database upgrade available in Speednet 3.1.1 software fold

from addatigala s.o
while upgrading the speednet communication to 3.1.2 patch 6, it asked me to uninstall the older communication and then install the new one...but i was unable to found the older commnication in add/remover program files under control panel..when i tried to install the new one it showed it as incomplete installation and wanted to close. please help me in this issue. pls mail me the solution to

July 18, 2013

In our offices we are facing problems with Speednet Discrepancy Report. Certain bags when Dispatched on the same day in the option Issues-->Dispatch of Bags, still showing in discrepancy. Around 270 bags.

Also few Articles sent to BO but Returns not taken for the year 2011 are also still showing in Deposit in our offices.

Is there any method to clear both of the errors and keep speednet module free from errors?

Please consider this request and do the needful.

Saravanan R
SA Valparai S.O

May 09, 2014

Its Superb blog , if Rundll error problem go through this link and get free from error.
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Thank you
Aalia lyon

October 22, 2014

Nice blog and all information are very good and useful thanks for sharing.
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June 08, 2016

Presently we are booking BNPL articles under Urban Estate PO. Now we want to book these articles from Patiala HO. How we can change the office of booking in BNPL. Please submit suggestion on my email rajnishkaushal72@gmail.com

When I open the speednet in a client machine the message was showed "an error found while connecting to the speed net server.please check your network connection". from client machine i have to enter in server machine through ip address and server name then it open.How I fix this problem?

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