April 27, 2011

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GDS Conduct Rulse 2011 - Revised

Written By Admin on Apr 27, 2011 | April 27, 2011

The existing GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules 2001 revised & called as GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules 2011 are hereby circulated.

The gist of revisions are,
i. Rule 3-A, 5-A & 29-A inserted.
ii. GDS SPM, GDS Mailman & GDS Mail Messenger have been deleted.

iii. The word "Employment / Appointment" wherever appears, replaced with word "Engagement".
iv. Changes in Residence condition.
v. New Rule 5-A for TRCA on the basis of workload.
vi. Rule 6 relating to Ex-gratia Gratutity.
vii. Rule 7 for 20 days Leave.
viii. Note below Rule 9 to Recovery.
ix. 19.I.i to Revision Petition to Regional PMG.
x. Rule 20 to Time limit for Review petition.
xi. New Rule 29-A engaging in any business.
xii. Recruiting authority.

Dte Memo No : 21-8 / 2010-GDS Dt. 18.04.11 (18 pages).

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