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Model questions for IPO Exam -2

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Preparation of IPO Examination - Model Questions part II

Q21   The transaction relating  to  the business managed by  the department on behalf of  the government are   included  in --------------------

a. Major account  heads   b. remittance and debt sections of the account  c. None of these

Q22     The capital  accounts concepts  created  on the basis   the  department of Posts are recognized  as ----------------------  department

a. Government   b. non commercial  department   c. Commercial

Q23  The capital accounts of  the Posts and Telecommunication departments on a commercial  basis with effect from -----------

a. 01.04.1925  b. 01.01.2000  c.04.05.2002

Q23  P &  T  Revenue fund was  instituted with effect from  ----------------
a. 01.04.1925  b. 01.04.1960  c.03.05.1960

Q24  If a government servant  from whom  a recovery  is ordered  , is transferred to  the  jurisdiction  of disbursing  officer

a. recovery should  be completed  before his transfer . b. order of  recovery should be passed on to that disbursing officer   c. None of these

Q25  Representations against recovery should  be  submitted by aggrieved Government  servant  within a  -------------
a. One Month  b. Two month  c. Three  Month
Q26   The objections statements are prepared  by  the  accounts  offices in  ---------------

a. Duplicate  b. Triplicate c. Single  Copy

Q27   The account records against which audit objections are pending should not be destroyed until final settlement of audit objections

The above said statement is
a. True  b. False

Q28  The second part of audit inspection reports  is ------------------------

a. Schedule of Persistent irregularities b. Outstanding objections from previous reports in brief
c.  Introductory 

Q29  Audited bills , Vouchers can be  resend by audit office after  a requisition   submitted  through -------   to  Circle  account  office

a.  Head of the Division b.  Head of  the Circle  c. Disbursing  officer

Q30 Credit challans and  pay orders should  be treated  as -----------------

a. Cheque  b. Credit certificate  c. None of these

Q31  A cheque drawn on any  bank located at the same station as that of the head  post office and accepted at any  of its sub offices will also  be regarded as-----------

a. Local Cheque   b . Outstation Cheque

Q32  Cheque  payment of Postage from  the holders of  Franking machine  licenses can be accepted with bank guarantee.

The above said  statement is 
a.  True  b. False

Q33  ACG  28  denotes -----------

a. Register of dishonoured  Cheque  b. Register of cheques received and cleared   c. None of these

Q34   The transaction is entered in cash book on the basis of  ----------

a. Occurrence b.  amount  c None of these

35  Tr 29  denotes 

a. cash Book b . Contingent register c. HO Summary

Prepared by   S Jayachandran , SA , Divisional Office , Mavelikara
(want more question – please send your email ID to me – shankarjayac123@gmail.com or send SMS  - 9961464279)

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