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Model questions for IPO Examination Based on Financial Hand Book Part I ( Chapter I)

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Q1    From ----------- the accounts work relating to the postal branch of the P& T department was separated from P& T audit 
a. 01.04.1977   b.01.04.1976   c. 01.08.1980

Q2   The bifurcation of Posts and telegraph department was happened 
a. 1985   b. 1976 c. 1990

Q3    The business performed by telecommunication was transferred to ----------- on 01.10.2000
a. VSNL   b. BSNL   c. P& T department

Q4   The telephones General manager, Telecom stores is included in --------- category
a. Director – General b. Head of department   c. Head of Circle

Q5   what is the usage of form LI-37?
a.   repayment of loans of PLI   b. voucher for any payment   c  None

Q6   All cheques , Bills etc preferable  at a treasury  for  payment being  non-negotiable  instruments can be endorsed only once .
The above said statement is 
a. True  b.  False   

Q7    For What purpose the Specimen signature of AD in charge of PLI is circulated to whole circle concerned?
  a. To enable Payment of government Securities at any post office.  b. to Limit the payment of PLI  selected offices  C. None of these

Q8.  What is the purpose of special metallic embossing seal  ?

a.  Stamping the voucher of  final payment of GPF  b. Stamping the any type of payment voucher  c. None of these

Q9 .  ---------------- is necessary to draw the pay and allowance when a staff transferred from one place to another.
 a. LPC  b Pay slip  c . Service Book

Q10   The right of government servant to TA including Daily allowance is forfeited or deemed to have been relinquished   within ------------- from the date on which it becomes due.
a. Six month  b. One year  c. 18 months

Q11   The government employee must submit   his claim within -------- for reimbursement of the expenditure incurred on the Journey    , if the advance has been drawn for availing LTC
a. Three month   b. Two month    c. One month

Q12   The term over charge and   is  related with  ------------
 a. LTC   b. Claim of LTC  c .Railway fares and freight for calculating claim

Q13 .  When a specific approval from Director general  for investigation is needed  for  a claims  to arrears of pay  to Government official ?

 a. Claims  more than  six year  b. Claims more than one year c. Claims more  than two yea r

Q14   The Indian  stamp Act  

a. 1898  b.1850  c.1899

Q15  In case  advance not drawn for  LTC , the officials are  liable  to  submit  their claim within
a. One month   b. three month  c. One year

Q16  No  Government officer  may issue duplicates or copies  of receipts granted for money received
  The above  said statement is
a.   true   b. false 

Q17   In post offices defalcations or losses, should be charged in the schedule of --------------- and payments and recoveries of losses should be credited in the schedule of ---------------
   a. UCP, UCR    b UCR, UCP,  c. receipts  , payments

Q18 When a term serious loss occurring to immovable property   of department
a. all loss exceeding  Rs 1000/- b. all loss  exceeding  Rs 5000/-  c. all  loss exceeding   RS 10000/-
Q19    A register of destruction of records in form   ------------should be maintained in each office and prepared preserved permanently
a. ACG 91   b.ACG 7    c ACG 67

Q20 Charges against two or more major heads should be included in one  bill 
The above said statement is
a. True b False

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