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BD Products may be discussed into three heads, namely, Departmental Products, Tie-up Services and Money Transfer Services.

A. Departmental Products:


· Speed Post Service was introduced in Aug, 1986.
· The Service Tax and Education Cess for article weighing below 50 Gms included in the postage itself (ONE INDIA ONE RATE). For article weighing above 50 Gms, the ST and EC will be charged separately.
· The rate of Service Tax is 10% and Education Cess is 3% on ST.
· ST has to be charged on inclusive of additional servicesviz., Insurance, VP, etc
· There are 315 National Speed Post Centres and 986 State SPC.
· There is a provision to deliver the SP (like Passport, driving license etc) to the addressee only. For this the should customer should get permission from DOP and print on the envelope as “To be delivered to the addressee only”.
· Unclaimed SP returned to the sender after detention of 7 days.
· Refused SP returned to the sender on the day itself
· Speed Post offers money-back guarantee, under which Speed Post fee (Upto Rs.1,000/-) will be refunded if the consignment is not delivered within the published delivery norms.

· BNPL facility (with a condition to give speed post businessatleast Rs.10,000 pm w.e.f. 12.05.11) is available.
· BNPL Customers will be given Free Pick Up service.
· Under the BNPL Scheme, the customer prepares three copies of SP booking list (Note: Articles are booked by customer himself in the BNPL Journal). The customer retaining one copy and the other two copies come to the SP Centre.
· Bulk customers is defined as anyone who provides Rs.10,000 worth of Speed Post business in a calendar month at a SP booking Office.
· Advance payment facility is also available. However, for this no extra discount will be given. (Example: In Madurai BPC, District Collector Office of Madurai is paying Speed Charges in advance).
· BNPL facility to a customer – approved by Regional PMG only.
· BNPL facility to a private customer-Bank Guarantee is must – Not less than 4 months of the business committed by the BNPL customers.
· The bank Guarantee should issued by Nationalized/Scheduled Bank (Scheduled under RBI Act, 1934).
· The Bank Guarantee should be valid for a period of at least 18 months from the date of the agreement. However, the amount of bank Guarantee should be reviewed once in a quarter by a designated authority.
· Penalty for belated payment – 1% pm (Calculated from the date of issue of bill)
· If payment not received even after three month from the date of issue of bill, action may be taken to revoke the Bank Guarantee for recovery of the total outstanding.
· BNPL & Bulk customers can get discount, if the volume of business exceeds 0.5 lakh in a month @ 5%. The rate of discount increases according to volume of business and a customer can get maximum of 20% discount if the volume of business in a month exceeds 25 lacs.
· The amount of discount will be calculated on postage excluding the ST and EC. Besides the BNPL Customers will be given the above rate of Discount only if he gives soft copy of the articles. Otherwise, the amount of discountwould be reduced by half.
· Discount sanctioning authority -
Before 01.01.11 Regional PMG
w.e.f. 01.01.11 deducted in the bill itself by the billing office.
· SMS facility is available – To get SMS on delivery status, sent SMS to 55352.
SPSpeed Post Number
· Delivery status can also be tracked thro India post.gov.in website.
· While tracking, by providing eMail iD the delivery status can be received thro eMail also.
· Insurance facility upto one lakh.
· Charge for Proof of Delivery card- Rs.10/-
· If Speed article redirected/returned to any distanced place the difference between actual postage minus actually paid should be collected.(BD Dte lr No.55-9/2004-BDD dt 16.02.05)
Example: A customer who is residing at Tuticorin District booked a Speed Article weighing 50 gms at PO located in Madurai Town Delivery addressed to within the Madurai Town Delivery area and paid local charge of Rs.12/- If this article returned to the sender (Tuticorin address) or redirected to the addressee other than Madurai Town Delivery office, Rs.13 (Rs.25-Rs.12) has to be collected. (Note: Only single deficiency)
· International SP service is available for Documents to 98 countries and Merchandise to 74 countries. Postage determined for every 250 Gms or part thereof and the rate differ from country to country.
· All International articles should be presented in open condition at the time of booking.
· There are Five Office of Exchange to deal the foreign SP articles. They are Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, New Delhi and Kochi.

Courtesy : Akula. Praven Kumar, panuakula.blogspot.com

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