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IPO - Model Question Paper ( Question No197-211 )

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Q146     What is  meant  by FRSR
a.  Financial Rule and Service Rule  b. Fundamental Rules and  Service Rules   c. Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules    
Q147  The Fundamental rules shall come into  force  with effect from
a. 1st January 1970    b. 1st January 1922  c. 1st January  1975
Q148  The fundamental  Rules  apply  subject to the provisions of Rule
3 to all ------------
a. Government officials  b.  Citizen of India 
Q149 what option was given by  president  of India to the  government service  from  1st July 1976

a.  option to continue to be governed by  provision of civil services regulations or come over to  fundamental rules

b  option to continue to be governed by  provision of civil services regulations
c . None of the above

Q150  The option in respect of fundamental rules which was selected  by non –gazetted staff  may be recorded in -----------

a. option may be recorded in service Book  b. option may be forwarded to  account officer   c . Both
Q151 GPF rules  1960 can be amended   time to time
The  above  said  statement is
a. true  b. false

Q152  From the  following action , which action is  not re delegate to  subordinate authorities  ?

a . action related with  creation of Post  . b.  appointing a government servant  c. issue  order  related with changes of allowance
Q153  --------------- of the constitution is  based for appointing administrator of union territory

a. article 239    b . article 240   c. article 241
Q 154  Travelling  allowance may be considered as  -------------
a. Special allowance  b. Compensatory Allowance    c. Both
Q154  A government servant is  under training then  it will considered
as  he is under duty

a. The statement is correct  b.  the  statement is incorrect
Q155 For departmental promotion examination  a government official  is  granted leave. Then  leave period is calculated on  what basis?

a. duration of examination  b. duration of examination plus  minimum period required for  journey  to and from  the examination centre    nearest  to headquarters station

c.  duration of examination plus  minimum period required for  journey  to and from  the examination centre  to candidate’s home

Q156 A Government servant  attend  in  departmental examination  may  considered as duty  then the official  should report his/her office
after the examination

The above said statement  
a. True  b . False
Q157  Halts  necessitated by breakdown  of  communication   while government servant is on transfer or training    Is it possible to grant all such halts considered as duty 

a.  No   b Yes

Q158   From the following allowance which is considered as recurring Honorarium?

a. Over time allowance   b. TA   c. Honorarium for   examination
Q159  Number of persons so entitled is more than  the posts available
then  lien  will be given  on------------  basis

a. Junior most person in the grade will be liable to be reverted
b . Senior most person  in the grade will be  liable to  reverted
c . None of the above 

 Q160   If   A  performs the duties of  post on which  another person  holds a  lien then  it will   be treated as ---------

a. A is working under probation period  b. A is working under training  period   c. A is officiating

Q161 When  a  official  get overseas Pay?

a. Officials who have working away from  his  Parent department
b. Officials in consideration of the fact that he is  serving in a country other than  the country  of his domicile
c. None of these
Q162   if  a  Government servant holds a posts  carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without limit of time
Then it may be treated as

a. Post under probation period  b. Post may be treated as Permanent
c. Post may be treated as  provisional

Q163 if  person hold a temporary  post  then  which of  the following statement equivalent for  temporary post

a. Post carrying a  definite  rate of pay sanctioned for a limited time
b.  posts  carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without limit of time
c. None of these

Q164 ----------------- is  very  important document for appointment of a post in government service

a. Health card  b. Fitness  Certificate  from any Hospital
c. Medical certificate of fitness from competent authority
Q165  The drawal of pay  and allowance for  a period  not exceeding ---------------  in respect of fresh recruits to government service without a medical certificate of health

A One Month  b . Two Month c. Five Month
Q166   in the case of quasi permanent  Government Servants who wish to revert to parent department /Office within a period of two years   then the government servant will be appointed  to  the post of --------------

a. the post held by him prior to  his joining the new department
b  the present post  he   occupied
c. None of these
Q167       When Government servants  refuse to work  overtime  where such overtime work is  necessary  in the Public interest 
Then  it will considered as

a. Strike  b. unauthorized absent from service  c. None of these 
Q168  The break in service should  affect promotion through normal DPC

The above said statement is

a. True   b. False 
Q169  The period of absence not covered by grant of leave shall have to  be  treated as  -------------

A unauthorized absent  from  service  b. Break in service  c. Dies non
Q170  Home town deceleration  under LTC Sceheme to be kept in ---------------------

a. PF of official   .b. Service Book of  Official   c. None of these
Q171   The  Head of department should verified   service books of  each  official  by  -----------------

a  Every  year  b. Every Quarter   c. Every  month
Q172     The allotment   of  Post attached  quarters  to  official  may be cancelled on  the basis of ------------- months notice

a. One  b. Two c. Three
Q173     A Female officer who  has been allotted residential accommodation free  of rent may be permitted to enjoy the rent free  concession during the entire period  of maternity leave
The above said  statement is

a. True  b. False
Q174  In what time is allowed a Government official to  continue his occupation  in rent free quarter after his retirement ?

a. One Month   b. Two Month c. Six Month
Q175   Permissible period  for the retention  of the residence  while the officials are temporary  transfer in India  or  transfer to a place outside  India

a. One Month  b. Two Month c. Four Month
Q197  Loss of one eye is  not disqualification for non Gazatted  services.
The above statement is
a. True  b. False

Q198   Indian Medical Council Act was formed
a. 1955  b.1956   c. 1949
Q199  If a candidate  employed in a temporary capacity  continuously  , then   is it need for produce medical certificate if so   mention period
a. Yes , Period exceeding three months b. yes Period exceeding One month   c  No
Q200  if a  government servant re appoint after break in service , then   it should be  treated  as in continuous service  for medical examination for fitness checking

Considering the above ruling     please select the condition of   break in service period

a. more than one  month  b. more than two month  c. within one year
Q201  If a Government Servant  continous  service  but in different post  , then what is the ruling for considering fresh medical examination ?
a. There is no need of fresh medical examination b for every appointment fresh medical examination is needed c. None of these
Q202  A candidates or Government servant can appeal against  adverse of findings of medical Board . is it possible ?
a. Possible  when  error of judgment happened and it  is proved with evidence  .a. Not  possible 
Q203 what is  the fee for  re medical examination  for Gazatted Post 
a. 500/-  b. 200/- c. 100/-
Q204   When a medical  board  declared  that a candidate or government servant  as unfit  , then what is time limit  for submitting appeal?
a. One month  b. Two  month c. Six month
Q205 Medical Board declared that a temporary servant as unfit
and he submit appeal for second medical  . In such situation is it possible the    he can continues  his service

a. No  b. Yes
Q206  From the following  , which amount  is not credited to Government treasury  fully or partially by  a  Government Servant

 a. Dividend received from security b.  Medical Examination fee c. any type of fee received by government Servant
Q207    Government Servant   official life  should be recorded in -------  and   every ------------ government servant  shall  get copy of   this book

a.  PF, month   b. Service Book , Year   c. CR, Year
Q208  Post office Accountants in the selection grade can attest the entries in service book

The above said statement is
a. True  b. False
Q208   Where will record the  GPF account no in service  Book

a. on the right hand top of first page  of service Book  b.  on the right hand top of last page  of service c. GPF account no is not recorded in service book

Q209  What is the purpose of declaration of Home Town and where it will kept ?
a for LTC and it will kept in service Book b. For any type of  journey of Government servants and it will kept separate file
Q210  Service Book  should be  maintained in -------

a. Duplicate   b. Triplicate c. None of these
Q211  Declaration and pay fixation memos  should be kept in 
a. Separate file  b. Bill Book   c. Service  Book  
Prepared  By S Jayachandran, SA , Mavelikara Division
  If you want more question please  intimate your email ID to  me
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