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Model Question for IPO Examination (Q67-107 FHB Vol)

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Q67  The amount received on account of premium of PLI , repayment of loan  should be accounted  under ---------------------- head

a. PLI Annuity  Fund   b. Postal Insurance and Life  Annuity Fund Receipts  c. PLI  receipts account 
Q68  The financial  Powers delegated by the President of India to Various  officers of the department  is called as 
a. Rules of  financial power b. Schedule of financial Powers  c. None of these
Q69  What is  mentioned  in rules 42-A  , General Financial Rules ?

a. Creation of Temporary Posts  b.  Retrospective Sanction  for  revision of Pay and grant of Concessions  c. Lapse of Sanction
Q70  The appointing authority can create posts on the basis of  anticipation 
The above said  action
a. incorrect  b. Correct

Q71  Government  promissory notes received for safe Custody   must record at  -------------- in  a register in Form   Sec 19

a. Once   b. Twice  c Once in a month
Q72   Security  deposits of Government Servants are --------------- from commission
a. not exempted   b. exempted
Q73  Fidelity  bond in form  GPR -34  has been accepted  from

a. Public  b Government Servants  c.  Both
Q74  What is the purpose of Preparation of Form ACG  69  ?

a. Register of  all  Assets b. Register of Land and building c. Register of expenditure 
Q75  What is the purpose of  preparation of   correction slip and when it will prepared ?

a.  record revenue and capital , Quarterly  

b intimation of  addition /modification of land and building to circle office , end of the year

 c  record the asset details  , monthly preparation
Q76   When  will  Pre Audit of Estimates  is applicable 
a . on estimates of work of Government department  executed through 
      Civil wing 
b .  The amount incurred for work is very  high  
c    Both  cases
Q77  While making the payment  of amount which is due for civil work  to government  agencies ,  the  full amount can be  paid
The  above  statement  is
a. True b. False 
c. Subject  condition and considering the circumstance , the advance  payment of full amount shall be drawn

Q78 When will stop the recovery  of GPF  concerned the official  due to  retire  on superannuation ?

a. One month  before  retirement   b. Two  month before retirement
c. Three month before retirement
Q79 Recovery  of Cooperative  Society  Dues are mentioned  in

a. Rule 561 of FHB 1  b  Rule 559 of FHB I   c. None  of these
Q80  From the following  official records  which have more  preservation period
a.  Cash Books   b.  Arrear Claims  c. Service Books
( 10 years ) 

Q81  What is the preservation period  of Pay  Bill Register ?

a. 10  years   b . 20 Years  c. 35 years

Q82   From the following records  , which  record is permanent One ?
a. Service Book  b.  Stock Book  c. Register of particulars of accounts records  destroyed

Q83  From the following records   special sanction is needed  for destruction  from  Head of circle
a. Bill  Register   b. Memo of Disbursement  c.  Sub Office Saving Bank Journal
Q84   When  subscriber  dies  while in service   and nominee is minor
Then  who will collect due amount from GPF  ?

a.  minor   b natural guardian  of minor  c  None of these
Q85   The  Procurement  officer is belong from  ------------  department

a. Central Purchase organization   b. Telecom department  b Postal Department
Q86  The Term FRAC  is  related with    ----------------- 

a. Rent assessment of  PO  building    b. Maintenance of departmental Building   c.  Audit  department

Q87  who will fix  the maximum value of stamp to be kept in stock in  non Gaztted Postmaster’s  Office
a. Postmaster  b. Divisional Heads  c. PMG
Q88  Consolidated schedule of stamp should be sent along with--------- to  DAP

a. Cash Book  b.Cash Account  c. Treasures Cash Book
Q89  The Commemorative stamps are Supplied  by-----------

a. Circle Stamp Depo B. Philatelic Department   c. Nasik Security Press

Q90 International Bureau at Berne has given exclusive right to DOP  to hold  stock of -------------- article

A. Aerogramme   b. international Reply Coupons c. Foreign Speed Post
Q91  The spoilt reply coupons should be dispatched  to

a. Circle stamp depo   b. Circle account office   c. General Manager (Postal  Accounts & Finance) Kolkata
Q92  Who will issue license for  Registered News Paper
a. Head of Circle/Region  b . DPS   c . Divisional Heads

Q93 Who  is the responsible person to collect the amount of unpaid  postage  from insufficiently paid letters and newspapers?

a. Supervisor of Mail Branch  b. Supervisor of delivery Branch  c. Postmaster
Q94   From the following  classes of receipts , which receipt is treated as receipt from other department?

a. UCR   b. Custom Duty  c. RPLI receipts
Q95  From the following duties , which is not entrusted as duty of treasurer
a. Drawing cheque  b . supply fund from the office cash c. receive cash from  postman
Q96  On what basis  the transaction  recorded   in treasures cash Book
a. on the basis of amount  b. on the basis of time they occur c. None of these
Q97  The Postmaster of  HO should verify the cash by checking footer entries of ------------------

a. HO summary   b. Treasures Cash Book  c. Hand to Hand Book from all counter
Q98  From which month the disbursement of Pay and advance is not done  on last working day of the month?

a. April   b. March  c. December
Q99   Where does the Postmaster has exempted from daily verification of cash and cash?
a. Presidency Post office  b. Head Post office  c. None of these
Q100  The ACG1 is denotes --------------
a. Treasure’s Cash book b. Cash account  c. HO Summary
Q101 Who is the custodian of  HO summary ?

a. Postmaster b. Treasurer  c Deputy Postmaster
Q102  Subsidiary  Account is related  with --------- office

a. Night Post office  b. GPO    c.  Field Post Office
Q103 What is  the object of Postmaster ‘s Balance Sheet ?

a. Reconciliation of Daily Cash Book  b. Reconciliation of HO Summary  c. Reconciliation  between HO Cash Book and TCB

Q104  The schedule of Void Money Order should be prepared in ----------

a. Single Copy  b . Duplicate c. Triplicate
Q105  From the following schedule which one is not submitted to postal accounts  on 1st and 16th of every month?
a. Schedule of UCR    b. Cash account  c. Schedule of Bills Paid
Q106  The  reason for keeping excess cash  should  be recorded in 
a.  HO Summary  b. Treasure’s Cash Book  c Cash Account
Q107 what is the purpose of  preparation of supplementary Cash  Book
a. record the transaction of   closing days of March from sub office
  b  record the transaction of   closing days of March from Head Office
c. record the transaction of   closing days of March and first working day  from sub office   

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