Model Question Paper for Departmental Examination – ( Q35-50 PO Guide Part I)

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Q35 . What is the superscription on official postal article ?
On India Government service

Q36  All Government official can  entitled to use service postage stamps on article

Explain the condition
articles sent by them provided the articles posted relate to the Government service /official duties/official business of that government
Q37   Indian Explosives Act and Indian Explosive substances Act

Mention the year of form the above said acts

1884 and 1908
Q38  Postmaster has right to detain the suspected article  if he seems that contents of any postal article are likely to injure the mails or harm the person of  any one engaged in the postal service.

The above said statement  is
Q39 If payment of a money order to the payee cannot be effected and the amount cannot be repaid to the remitter owing to the latter not being found, the order will become void and its value be credited to the Central Government
The above said case is  it possible to refund of  credited amount to payee or remitter , if so

Mention the time limit
Yes , remitter or payee should apply within one year from the date of issue of the original order
Q40  What is meant  by Philately ?
Collection and study of postage stamps
Q41  ------------- can have new commemorative or special issue of stamps First Day Covers and information sheets, dispatched to them automatically when a new issue is brought out.

Domestic Philatelic Deposit Account
Q42  which  is the oldest insurance service provided by Indian Postal department

Postal Life Insurance

Q43  The Official who are working in Reserve Bank of India can join PLI 

Is it correct statement

Q44  Which policy has two term as maturity ie
15  years and 20 years
Anticipated Endowment assurance
Q45 The maximum age limit for a 15-year policy is ----years  and ------years for 20-year policy.
45 and 40
Q46 PLI premiums are eligible for income tax rebate, under section 80-C

The above said statement is 

Q47 is medical certificate is required for revival of PLI policy?

Yes , Medical Certificate  is required
Q48.  PLI is guaranteed by =============
Government of India
Q49  Whether salaried employees from private firm can  join PLI ?

Q50  Mention the year  of  Children's Policy is newly introduced in PLI

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