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Model Question Paper for IPO from FRSR Part I (Q176 -196)

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Q176   Honorarium can be paid  for the works related  with calculation  of Tax
The above said statement is
a. True   b. false
Q177   if  a Government servants accepts  honorarium  in  respect of  broadcast on all India  Radio   Then   whether  prior sanction is required or  not  ?

a. Not Required   b.  Required
Q178  When a  government servant working as an arbitrator 
in a dispute between his department and private party   he --------
granted  honorarium

a. should not be    b. Should be
Q179   When a  government servant working as an arbitrator 
in a dispute between Ministry/department other than the one in which  he is working  can receive  ---------------

a.  Honorarium   b. Special  Allowance  c. None of these

Q180  The official Languages  Act was   formed

a. 1963  b. 1976  c. 1954
Q181  If  enquiry  officer  is not  submit or handed over the case records and inquiry report  to  disciplinary  authority  then payment of honorarium can be made  .
The above statement  is

a. True  b. False   
Q182   From the following duties which are not entitled  for honorarium ?
a. Valuation of Examination b. Duties related with calculation of interest . c. Duties related with  extra time
Q183 If a  Government servant  is coming and delivering the lectures/talks in training programmes,  Then  in what condition is applicable for getting honorarium to that official 

a. Government servant claim only TA  b. Government Servant claim  TA and DA   c. No honorarium  granted for such work
Q184   Whether it was justifiable to grant deputation allowance when the officer held  only the additional charge of the ex cadre post

a. No  b. Yes.
Q185   When  an officer holds additional charge of a sanctioned  post , the administrative Ministries may grant  additional remuneration as prescribed   for  a  maximum period  of -------------  months

a. Six   b One  c. Three  
Q186  Subsistence Allowance is related with  ----------

a. Pay and allowance to governments servant who have under Suspension   b Special  Allowance to  government servant  who have removed from  service c. Remove from Service
Q187  The amount  of subsistence allowance  may   be increased  or decreased subject  to  some condition 

The above said statement is
a. True  b. False
Q188   From the following situation  which  is applicable to with held the subsistence allowance 

a. Suspension period  exceeding three months  b. specific order from appointing authority  c. The Government Servant does not furnish certificate  that he is not engaged  in any  other employment 
Q189 Contribution  under health scheme  can  be reduced  from  subsistence allowance   Then  it is called as

a. Compulsory deduction   b. Optional  Deduction  c. None of these
Q190  From the following deduction  , which  deduction  from subsistence allowance  is needed prior consent from suspended employee
a. Deduction related with income tax  b. Repayment of loans and advance taken from government c. Deduction  related with PLI  premium
Q191 From  Subsistence allowance  the employer  can deduct GPF subscription 

The above mentioned statement  is

a. True  b,False
Q192  The government servant  is under suspension and he is  not  vacate free quarter  . What  action should be taken in such condition

a. issue order to vacate from licence fee free accommodation
b  issue  order to charge the  licence fee for free accommodation
c. None of these
Q193  From the following situation  which is considered as  deemed to  suspension of  government servant

a. A Government Employee  is under  police custody on a Criminal charge exceeds  48  Hours
   b  A Government Employee  is under  police custody on a Criminal charge exceeds  24  Hours

C.  A Government Employee  is under  police custody on a Criminal charge exceeds  12  Hours
Q194  if a Government  Servant  granted extension  of service ,  then  he is ---- to  promoted  to  another post  during  the period of extension

a. Not  Eligible    b. Eligible
Q195 From which  department  obtain  sanction to change of date of Birth of a Government Servant who are working  in the  Indian  Audit and Accounts

a. Audit  Department   b. Concerned Ministry c. Comptroller and Audit  - General
196  is any  specific order is necessary  for retirement of due date

a. No  b. Yes
Prepared  By S Jayachandran, SA , Mavelikara Division

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