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Model Questions for IPO Examination Q126-Q145 FHB Volume II

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Q126   Gratuity  can  paid by

a. single sum  b. installment 
Q127  The claim of payment of any arrears due   in respect of a deceased pensioner  should  be  within  -------------
a. One month  b. Six Month   c. One Year

Q128 When   indemnity  Bond  is needed for  getting arrear payment due in respect of  deceased pensioner
a. arrear amount  exceeds Rs 1000/-         b arrear amount exceeds Rs 5000/-   C. None of these
Q129   On which  rule is  supported for   payment of arrears of  arrears of  pensions  will be made to the nominees

a. Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules 1983 b. Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules 1985   c.  Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules 1987

Q130  A six monthly statement  is prepared  for cases of failure    to draw pensions  shall be  prepared  by the head  Postmaster  . Then how many parts in the six monthly statement?

a. One  b. Two  c. Three
Q131 Payment  on account of pensions and commuted  value of pensions  made by Head and Sub Post offices  will be entered in a separate schedule 
The above  said  statement  is

a. True  b. False
Q132  The   facility of payment of  pension to Railway pensioners through 
POSB  has been introduced from  ------------------
a. 1987   b.1976  c. 1977
Q133 The reduction  in the amount  on account of commutation shall become operative within --------- months after issue of  letter by  the competent authority

a. Five    b. Two  c. Three
Q134    Date of credit in the SB ( Pension ) account  may be taken  as the date of receipt of commuted value of the pension
The above said statement
 a. True   b. False

Q135  Duration of life certificate  which is  submitted by  pensioner

a. Six Month  b . One Year c. Every  Month
Q136  Who handle  the transfer of pension from one head Post office to another within the jurisdiction of another Postal Accounts Office
a. Head Postmaster   b. Head Postmaster and  Postal Accounts Office
c. Postal Account Office
Q137    The  revenue  stamp shall be printed  ------------------
a. Security press Nasik b. Central Stamp  store .   c. Central Philatelic Centre
Q138  Who will keep  reserve stock  of stamp and stationery

a. PSD  b. Security Press Nasik  c. Central Stamp  Store
Q139 Who will  submit  forecasts and indents  for central excise revenue stamps
a. Superintendent of CSD  b , Head of Central excise department c.  Collector of Central Boards
Q140  From the following   which  official  can  forward indent direct on
The  Central Stamp store?
a. Postmaster of GPO  b. Senior Postmaster  c. Postmaster of Presidency Post offices

Q141 Government officials authorized to obtain service postage stamps from local depots may exchange such stamps either for service stamps

The above statement is

a. True  b. False
Q142  Damaged and  obsolete Postage stamps that  can counted and identified shall sent once in a--------------- to -----------
a. month   PSD   b . quarter  CSD   c. year   Security Press

Q143  The stock verification  in CSD  can be  done by  a team  which is determined by 
a.  Head of circle   b . Ministry of Finance  c. Ministry of Communication

Q144  Which is  the most convenient date for  changing the status of Head Post office
a.  1st January   b. 1st April   31st December
Q145 Haulage charges  is related with --------

a. Conveyance of mails   b . Charges payable to Railway on account of conveyance of mails  c.  None of these

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