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Model Questions for IPO Examination - Question No 160-175 FRSR Part I

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Q160   If   A  performs the duties of  post on which  another person  holds a  lien then  it will   be treated as ---------

a. A is working under probation period  b. A is working under training  period   c. A is officiating

Q161 When will   a  Government   get overseas Pay?

a. Officials who have working away from  his  Parent department
b. Officials in consideration of the fact that he is  serving in a country other than  the country  of his domicile
c. None of these
Q162   if  a  Government servant holds a posts  carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without limit of time
Then it may be treated as

a. Post under probation period  b. Post may be treated as Permanent
c. Post may be treated as  provisional

Q163 if  person hold a temporary  post  then  which of  the following statement equivalent for  temporary post

a. Post carrying a  definite  rate of pay sanctioned for a limited time
b.  posts  carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without limit of time
c. None of these

Q164 ----------------- is  very  important document for appointment of a post in government service

a. Health card  b. Fitness  Certificate  from any Hospital
c. Medical certificate of fitness from competent authority
Q165  The drawal of pay  and allowance for  a period  not exceeding ---------------  in respect of fresh recruits to government service without a medical certificate of health

A One Month  b . Two Month c. Five Month
Q166   In the case of quasi permanent  Government Servants who wish to revert to parent department /Office within a period of two years   then the government servant will be appointed  to  the post of --------------

a. the post held by him prior to  his joining the new department
b  the present post  he   occupied
c. None of these
Q167       When Government servants  refuse to work  overtime  where such overtime work is  necessary  in the Public interest 
Then  it will considered as

a. Strike  b. unauthorized absent from service  c. None of these 
Q168  The break in service should  affect promotion through normal DPC

The above said statement is

a. True   b. False 
Q169  The period of absence not covered by grant of leave shall have to  be  treated as  -------------

A unauthorized absent  from  service  b. Break in service  c. Dies non
Q170  Home town deceleration  under LTC Sceheme to be kept in ---------------------

a. PF of official   .b. Service Book of  Official   c. None of these
Q171   The  Head of department should verified   service books of  each  official  by  -----------------

a  Every  year  b. Every Quarter   c. Every  month
Q172     The allotment   of  Post attached  quarters  to  official  may be cancelled on  the basis of ------------- months notice

a. One  b. Two c. Three
Q173     A Female officer who  has been allotted residential accommodation free  of rent may be permitted to enjoy the rent free  concession during the entire period  of maternity leave
The above said  statement is

a. True  b. False
Q174  In what time is allowed a Government official to  continue his occupation  in rent free quarter after his retirement ?

a. One Month   b. Two Month c. Six Month
Q175   Permissible period  for the retention  of the residence  while the officials are temporary  transfer in India  or  transfer to a place outside  India

a. One Month  b. Two Month c. Four Month
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