Useful Questions from Post Office Guide for all Type of Departmental Examinations

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Q1 Who is the  administrative controller of Postal  Department

Director General of Posts
Q2  How many   types  of Post office are  mainly exists
(a) Head Post Offices.
(b) Sub-Post Offices including E.D. Sub-Offices, and
(c) E.D. Branch Post Office
Q3 ------ stamps cannot be used for payment of postage.
Q4  1 CBPO  means
1 Central Base Post Office
Q5  ------ machine is a stamping machine intended to stamp impressions of dies of approved design on private  and official postal articles in payment
postal Franking
Q6  Impressions of ‘frank’ should consist ------ and ----------
(a) Value Die and (b) Licence Die
Q7  Any person wishing to use a franking machine shall apply to the ----------concerned in the prescribed form through the authorized dealer
Head of the Postal Division
Q8 If any one try to   manufacture and use of fictitious postage stamps for any purpose   then  is it punishable offence?

Yes   This is an offence punishable under Section 263-A of the Indian Penal Code. 
Q9  when a customer try to send  coin by registered post  then it will be
Q10  -------  articles should not be posted  in letter Boxes
Machine franked articles
Q11 Facility for articles requiring special treatment is recently stopped by Postal Department. Which is that facility?
Certificate of Posting
Q12   The stamps should be affixed to the ----------------- of the address side.
right hand top corner
Q13  Where will show sender’s address  on  article

 on the bottom lower left hand corner
Q14 If the addressee fails to take delivery of the inland article from the post office within the prescribed period then, the article will be returned to the office of posting for delivery to the sender.

Mention the prescribed period
Seven Days
Q15  When a foreign registered article  is received
In a damaged condition and matter is informed to customer  by  Postmaster . what is the e time limit for article kept under custody in above mentioned
Fifteen Days
Q16 How many times  can  issue a parcel which does not exceed 10 Kg. in weight for delivery  to postman

only once
Q17   The addressee of an article is not bound to pay the amount due on it to the Post Office if he does not want to take delivery of it. 
Is it correct ?
Q18 If a renter of post box wants to refund of the
advance amount which was submitted for box
is it possible to refund the amount ?

NO , No renter is entitled to claim a refund of the whole or any part of the rent paid by him in respect of the allotment of a post box
Q19  – Registered articles and parcels addressed to
students and inmates of educational institutions can be delivered to the head of the institution.

The above process is  prior sanction from ---------
Head of the Circle
Q20 ------------ has been introduced by the Post
Office for the benefit of tourists, traveling representatives of firms and other members of the public  who experience difficulty in establishing their identity in connection with postal transactions,
Postal identity Card
Q21  All articles superscribed “To be kept till called for”, “To await arrival”, or in any similar way, and also articles addressed “Post Office” are held --
to fall under ------------

Q21 Persons changing their address should
furnish the post office--------------- and -----------------
written instructions regarding the disposal of postal articles

Both at the place which they are leaving and   at the place to which they are going
Q23  If the article is not able not delivery to addreese and no  sender address  on inside and  outside  the article . Then it will be redirected to  --------- office

Returned Letter  Office
Q24 when a customer  have  complaint against the service of postal department  then it can be  recorded  -----------

Complaint and Suggestion book

Q25  As per post office act ,   indian post office  has possessed  one exclusive privilege     . What is that exclusive privilege  ?
Exclusive privilege of carrying all letters and postcards within India
Q26 Postmasters are, authorized to exercise their discretion in delivering articles addressed to deceased persons to any near  relative of the

  What are the condition related with above subject
1. Articles are uninsured and do not appear to contain any valuable property
 2. There is no doubt as to the title of the applicant to receive such articles and there is no counter-claimant or likelihood of  dispute
Q27 In Which class of mail  the Blind literature packets are included ?
Second Class Mail
Q28 Mode of   transmission for  first class Mail
By Air
Q29  A letter posted unpaid is charged on delivery with double the postage  . Then it is called
Due letter
Q30  In which part  reserved  for the address of recipient  in post card ?

The right hand half of the address-side of a  post card,
Q31  When a post card is treated as a letter, the amount for recovery is the difference between the minimum postage payable on a letter and the postage already paid on the post card.
Is it correct statement ?
Q32   If a newspaper  registered under ------------- act
Then it will eligible for  special rates  book Packets containing Periodicals.

Registrar of Newspapers in India under the Press and  registration of Books Act, 1867
Q33  Blind literature packets are exempted from
payment of  registration fee
Is it correct statement ?
Q34 Mention the First condition to  consider a article as registered  news paper
The newspaper  is published in numbers at intervals of not more than thirty one days

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