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LGO examination : Model Questions

Written By Admin on Aug 22, 2011 | August 22, 2011

Model Question Paper -Optical Mark Reader
Last Grade Official [LGO] Examination for the promotion of
Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants

Write with Ball Point pen in boxes and HB pencils for darkening the responses for MCQs [Multiple Choice Questions] Max Marks 100
 PAPER – II Time 60 Minutes

 1. The reply post card system service from India is available for the following foreign countries.
[a] France [b] Bhutan [c] Myanmar [d] Srilanka

2. Unpaid articles addressed by the public to officials of the Department of Post should
be taxed with postage, treated as refused and forward to _________ for returning to
[a] Sender [b] Head of Department of Posts [c] RLO [d] office of posting

3. Registered Bundles are prepared whenever there are more than ______ uninsured
Registered articles of the letter mail for any Post Office for which any direct mail bag
is not closed.
[a] Three [b] Four [c] Two [d] Six

4 Greetings mails posted in non-seasonal period sent by earliest available
[a] Surface mode [b] Air lift mode [c] Air lift without collecting surcharge
[d] Treated as First Class mails for dispatch

5 Territorial Bundles are prepared when number of articles is ________ or more.
[a] 12 [b] 16 [c] 30 [d] 25

6 In Meghdoot Millennium Point of Sale [POS] to go to the next field press
[a] Enter/TAB key [b] Alt Key [c} Del key [d] Ctrl key

7. Crediting annual premium for a Rural Postal Life Insurance [RPLI] policy,
Grace period of ______ days will be allowed for the holder to pay the premium
without fine.
[a] 30 days [b] 45 days [c] 60 days [d] 75 days

8 Yellow strip in corner check slips are used for
a] Rajdhani mails [b] Metro mails [c] Air-Mails [d] Express Bundle

9. Rebate rate for RPLI Policy premium payment for twelve advance months is
[a] 0.5 % [b] 1% [c] 2% [c] 2 ½ %

10 For issuing duplicate RPLI/PLI policy, application in prescribed format should be
submitted in Rs ________ Stamp paper .
[a] Rs 50 [b] Rs 100 [c] Rs 250 [d] Rs 60
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