Model Question Paper for various Departmental Examination - General Knowledge

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Q1 What does  PBX stand for ?

               Private  Branch  Exchange

Q2   World’s First credit Card

          Diners Club Card
Q3   What is  C-DOT

 Centre for Development of Telematics
Q4  The first woman to reach the top of the Everest

Junko Tabei
Q5  India’s Largest mineral Resource

Q6   The Indian state  with the longest coast line

Q7  India’s Largest commercial Bank

State Bank  of India
Q8   Which bird  migrates the longest  distance ?

The arctic tern
Q9  Who is  considered   to be founder of the modern Quantity  Theory of  Money ?

Milton Friedman
Q10  The reduction or elimination of inflation is known as ?

Q11   What is meant by  Goodwill of a firm

Intangible Assets
Q12  Crossing  a cheque  not Negotiable  affords security against ?

Theft of Cheques
Q13  Which cost increases continuously with the increase in production ?

Variable Cost

Q14  Which  country  is the leading producer of silver in the world ?

Q15 When was the essential Commodities act enacted in the country ?

Q16    Name the state where Panchayat Raj was first introduced

Q17   In which year  was the companies act enacted ?

Q18  What is meant by  BGML ?

Bharat Gold Mines  LTD
Q19  When did the industries  development and regulation act  come into  effect?

Q20  The first Five year plan  was launched  on

1st April  1951

Q21 Which is the highest body  that approves Five Year Plans in the country ?

National Development Council
Q22  Which state is the leading producer of cotton in country?

Q23  What is meant by UHF ?

Ultra High Frequencies
Q24  Who was the first film star to be featured on postage stamp?

Grace Kelly
Q25 In which year  was M K  Gandhi  born on  October 2?

Q26  The story of ‘My  Experiments with  truth ‘  was originally written in --------  language 

Q27 What is another name for  Vitamin  B1 ?

Q28  Who introduced Vaccination

Edward Jenner
Q29   Who is responsible for keeping the Voter’s list up to  date at all times ?

The Election Commission
Q30   A dockyard has been found at

Q31   Who introduced postage stamp in India?

Lord Dalhousie
Q32  Who founded the Ramakrishna Mission in 1896?

Swamy Vivekananda

Q33  The first modern trade union founded in  India

Madras Labour Union
Q34  Who gave  the slogan  “ Jai Hind  “?

Subash Chandra Bose
Q35  what is  meant by  ‘ WWW’?

World Wide Web
Q36  Someone  who browses the internet with  no definite destination is called ?
Net Surfer
Q37  -------- is the unit of measurement for data transmission speed over a telecommunication line ?
BPS (Bites Per Second)
Q38  Who invented television ?

John Baird
Q39   Who  is the first Indian statistician to be elected a fellow of he Royal  Society London ?

P C  Mahalanobis
40 The ‘vote on account’ is passed by the Lok Sabha to

   Meet the expenditure during the period till the budget is passed
Prepared by S Jayachandran, Sys Adm , Mavelikara Postal   Division, Kerala -690101    If you  want more question please intimate to me Mail id or  mobile no  9961464279

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