Model Questions from Material Management for IPO Examination

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1  What are  the Six  M’s  in a  Management ?

1  .  Men   2. Materials   3. Machine   4.  Methods    5  Money   6  . Market
 2. Mention the actions which are  included in process of Management .

  The process of Management includes  the Planning , organizing and controlling of six  M’s
3. What are the main areas covered by material management

Material Cost  , Materials Utlisation and material Supply 
4 What is the main aim of material Management ?

  Reducing the cost of  production and distribution

5   ---------  and ------------- are  primary  objectives of Material Management

Provision of Materials and  Minimisation of inventory

6  Every  organization its own material management 
The above said statement Is


7   -------- and ---------  are the two faces of material management

Maximising  the production or service and  reducing the cost
8  Inventory  control  is related  with --------------- and it helps   to reduce  -----

  Material  Management  ---------   Cost of materials
9  Division of material  organization in two  categories  ?

             Mention the two  categories 

Material  organization for  top functionaries and operating staff

10  what is the role of top material managers  in a organization ?

 Decision making related with  budgeting ,planning and programming
11  What are three level of  material management ?

1. Top  Level   2.  Middle Level    3.  Lower level 
12  What are the main acts /law related with  purchase or sale of goods ?

  Contract act  , sale of goods act, insurance law , Negotiable insurance act  , Excise duty  ,Sale Tax
13   What is meant by  Budget  ?

 Financial estimates of income and expenditure of an organization

14   What are the  main objectives of  prepare a budget ?

 Plan the activities in a various department , fix the targets , monitor the performance of activities and take decision to corrective measures to achieve the target
15 What is meant material  Budget ?

It is a  coordinated estimates of the consumption and purchase of materials in an organization

16  ------------ is  playing a major role in  material  budgeting

17  What is meant by   Purchase order ?

Order  in respect of procuring the material from  the suppliers

18    DGS & D  means  

Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals

19 What are the major departments of   DGS& D ?

   Supplies wing , Inspection wing ,  Progress wing, Disposals wing

20 First in first out  method  is used  for  ----------

Costing materials
21  What are the essentials of  material Management 

Provide best service to  public , Produce maximum efficiency , manage inventories at predetermined levels

22 What is the is a primary responsibility of the materials management group?

The creation of material standards, inspections, and returns process

23  The term value analysis  is related with   --------------  

 Quality control
24   What is meant by value analysis ?

   It is a method to examine the functional utility of  a product
25  The action related with the procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of personnel and materiel is called as

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