Useful Questions from Office Procedure - for IPO Examination

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Prepared  by S Jayachandran, Sys Adm , Mavelikara Postal  Division, Kerala -690101

1. What is meant by  -MOP?
Manual of Office Procedure

2 What is meant by  Classified  Dak ?
Dak bearing a security grading.

3.  What is meant by  “Division “  in a department
Wing within a Department
4 The word ‘ Docketing’  denotes
Making of entries in the notes portion of a file about the serial number assigned to each item of correspondence

5   A file  is collection of  some facts  . What are the facts included in a file ?
1. Correspondence 2. Notes 3. Appendix to correspondence 4. Appendix to notes

6 What is meant by Index Slip in connection with filing?
A card or a paper slip displaying the title of file under a catch word followed by a reference to its file number.
7   What is meant by  IFC  ?
Information and Facilitation Counter

8 What are the basic rules of    official correspondence?
1. Only black or blue ink will be used in communications.

2. A small margin of about one inch will be left on all sides (left, right, top and bottom) of each page of communications to ensure better preservations of records as at times the paper gets torn from the edges, making
reading of the documents difficult.

9 What are the basic classification of Letter for official correspondence
Main classification    1 . Letter   2. DO letter
10 What is meant by  DO Letter
Demi-official letter
11  Mention  in which purpose  the DO letter is used
DO letter is generally used in correspondence between government officers for an inter-change or communication of opinion or information without the formality of the prescribed Procedures
12 ------- is generally used for  corresponding with other departments or in calling for information from or conveying information to its employees
Office Memorandum
13 ------ is used for promulgation of statutory rules and orders, appointments and promotions of gazetted officers, etc. through publications in the Gazette of India
14  what is meant by  Endorsement ?
When a paper has to be returned in original to the sender, or the paper in original or its copy is sent to another department or office, for information or action
15 -----is used when important and urgent external communications received or important and urgent decisions taken internally have to be circulated within a department for information and  compliance by a large number of employees.
16  What is meant by  paperless communication for official communication ?
17 The officer approving the issue of a draft of letter will append his initials with the date on the draft

The above said statement is
18 What are the basic rules for official letter drafting?
1. Carry the message sought to be conveyed in a language that is clear, concise and incapable of misconstruction

2.Lengthy sentences, abruptness, redundancy ,circumlocution, superlatives and repetition, whether of words, observations or ideas, should be avoided

3. Some degree of rapport is to be established with the receiver of the communication.

4  Depending upon the form of communication the subject should be  mentioned in it (including reminders)

5 The number and date of the last communication should be referred.

19  The main purpose of Official  communications is convey the views or orders of the Government of India  then what are the  commonly used phrases for starting a communication 
‘I am directed to say’ or the ‘undersigned is directed to convey’
20    What is meant by  ‘ DFA’ relates with  official correspondence
Draft for Approval
21    In which situation  the Demi  official letter is mainly used 

Matter raised therein should receive officer’s personal attention either because of its special nature, urgency
or importance
22 Mention the important points for drafting demi  official letter
1  It is used to call the personal attention of the addressee, the style of writing should be direct, personal and friendly

2 Usage of active voice is to be preferred.

3  It should preferably not exceed one page 
23  What are the basic method for file numbering 
1. Functional file numbering system

2. File numbering system based on subject classification
24   What is the usage of Precedent Book?
A precedent book in the prescribed form for keeping note of important rulings and decisions having a
precedent value for ready reference
25   What is meant by EPAX  ?
Electronic Private Automatic Exchange
26   Specify the main types of  External Communication Aids
Email and Fax
27  What  is meant by  Video Conferencing
Conferences with the participants being at different geographical places through an ISDN line
28  The  official Language act was formed -------
Q29  The Official Languages Rules, ------ have been framed under the Official  Languages Act, 1963.
Q29   What is meant by DAR&PG
Department of Administrative Reforms & Public

Q30   What is meant by  e-mail
Electronic Mail
Q31   What is meant by EPAX
Electronic Private Automatic Exchange
Q32   What is meant by  O&M
Organisation and Methods
Q33   Define the Citizen Charter
Citizen’s Charter is a document which represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the Organisation towards it’s Citizens  in respect of Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation, Non-discrimination and Accessibility, Grievances Redress, Courtesy and Value for Money.
Q34   Main purpose of OFFICE AUTOMATION
Use of modern office equipment in of business in the disposal Government departments is intended to facilitate faster processing and delivery of information
Q35   Email is----------------- communication Aids
External Communication

             Compiled by S Jayachandran, Sys Adm , Mavelikara Postal 
                                           Division, Kerala -690101

                          If you  want more question please intimate to me
               Mail id or  mobile no  9961464279

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