September 29, 2011



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            As scheduled, the meeting on cadre restructuring was held in the Postal Directorate on 28.9.2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Haque, DDG (P). Sri Alox Saxena, DDG (Tech), Sri Rajkumar, Director, Staff, Ms Kalpana, Director, Establishment, Sri Subash Chander, Director, SR & Legal, & Sri Surendrakumar, ADG (PCC) were present on behalf of the official side. The Staff side represented by Sri K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary, P3, Sri D.Kishanrao, General Secretary, P3 FNPO, Sri Giriraj Singh, General secretary, R3 NFPE, Sri D.Theagarajan, General Secretary,R3 FNPO, Sri Iswar Singh Dabas, General Secretary P4, NFPE and Sri T.N.Rahate, General Secretary,P4, FNPO.

            The Chairperson expressed the delay in convening the first sitting and assured that the process shall be completed before 31.10.2011 by having two further continuous sittings. It was categorically mentioned by the official side that the proposals for cadre review shall be based only on functional justification and not merely on the percentage basis. Further, they are not in the opinion to suggest forming many new cadres as it will tantamount against the principle accepted by the Govt after implementing the Sixth Pay Commission.

            The staff side presented their proposals in each cadre and also the justification for the need of cadre review. It was decided to redraft the proposals by incorporating the various changes taken place in the recent past. The Staff side assured to submit its revised proposals before 7.10.2011. The views of the Staff side demanded discussions on the draft finalized by the former chairman of the committee on cadre review and place it was well taken note of by the official side.
           The Chair person declared that next sitting will be held on 12.10.2011 at 14.30 hrs in the Directorate.
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September 30, 2011

Dear friends,

The "categorical mentioning" by the official side in this meeting that "new cadre creation will not be discussed by the cadre restructuring committee" is a breach of strike agreement. In July strike agreement, it was agreed by the department that, the cadre creation for system administrators will be discussed by the cadre restrucuring committee.Though the final pronoucement of the cadre restructuing committee is unduly getting delayed, we had a ray of hope to make us adhere to this field.This new revelation has really decimated the spirits with which we are working.I have an appeal to the all india leadership to come up with an immediate plan to settle our justified demand of mere a cadre creation.

System Administrator
Palakkad HPO 678001
Cell 8547525497

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