Model Questions for IPO Exam 2012

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1 Who  is the appointing authority  of  Governor  in state

President of  India 
2.  Which is the first state to be formed on the basis of language?

 Andhra Pradesh
3. The limitation of the usage of Hindi and English languages for official purpose has also been determined in the ---------------------

Official Language Act  1963
4 What is article 238 in Indian Constitution 

Provisions dealing with the administration of states in Part B of the First Schedule of Indian constitution 
5. what are the classification of civil service as per Indian constitution

All India Services , Central services ,State services
6. When was the Panchayat Raj introduced in India ?

7  The   study, knowledge, or science of law" is simply called as  --------------

The Union List: Also referred to as List I, this list contains legislations, on which the Union enjoys exclusive control

The  above said statement  is

9  Any crime related with  computer is called as

10 What does capital punishment mean?

Putting a condemned person to death
11  The making of a false document knowing it to be false with intent that it should be used or acted on as genuine to the prejudice of another

Select   one word  for the above said action


12   What is included in  section  125  in  criminal PC

A woman who has been divorced by, or has obtained a divorce from, her husband and has not remarried get allowance from  her husband
13 Any two persons belonging to different religions may marry under  ------------- act    without changing their religions

Special  marriage act
14  All citizens shall have the right  to freedom of speech.  In which article  of Indian constitution  ensure this  right 

Article  19
15 What does mean  by  a hostile witness

 A witness whose testimony is not favorable  to the party .
16  The protection of  life and liberty  is ensured as per article  -----------------  of  Indian  constitution

Article  21
17    Who  is  the legal  advisor  of  Central   government in  India

Attorney General  for India
18  Failure to keep election accounts is mentioned  in ----------------------- Indian Penal Code

Section 171-I in The Indian Penal Code, 1860
19   Provisions as to the Administration and Control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes are mentioned in this Schedule. The amendment of the schedule is also included in the Part D of the Schedule.

Select the Schedule of  Indian  Constitution 

Fifth Schedule
20   Review of judgments or orders by the Supreme Court Subject to the provisions of any law made by Parliament or any rules made under Article 145, the Supreme Court shall have power to review any judgment pronounced or order made by it

Which article mentioned   about said  situation ?

Article  137
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