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1.         Night Post Office may extend up to  and by

a)         0830 pm ,DG posts                b)       0700pm,HOC 
c)         1000pm, PMG                         d)       0600pm,SSP                                    Ans: a

2.         Franking machine has

a)         Value die                              b)         License die
c)         Both a&b                              c)         None of this                                      Ans :c

3.         Franking article can be posted by
            a)         Any post office                     b)         Only two post office
c)         Head office                           d)         All sub offices                                   Ans :b

4.         Franking machine license is issued by

            a)         Head of the cirlcle                b)         Head of the division
            c)         DG posts                                d)         Any of these                                     Ans :b

5.         Window delivery ticket is a

            a)         Daily docket                          b)         The receipt given by po     
c)         ID of Franking machine licensee’s representative d)   None of these Ans :c

6.         Rebate available at the time of reset of meter is

            a)         2%                                          b)         3%     
c)         5%                                          d)         none of these                                   Ans :b

7.         Error on franking impression the refund will be claimed by firm/institute within_____ and ___ of less deduction.

            a)         two month, 2%                      b)         three month, 4%
            c)         one month, 5%                     d)         six month,      1%                              Ans: c

8.         Franking meter reset will be made by

            a)         PA                                           b)         Postman       
            c)         LSG postmaster                    d) PRI and above status                             Ans : d

9.         More than one impression of value die but not more than 1 licensee die allowed.

            a)         Correct                                   b)         Incorrect                                             Ans :a
10        Prepayment of postage on cash facility is authorized by and how much letter may be posted to have these facility.

            a)         HOC, UR-500 big city and 250 small city, Reg -50
            b)         DG post, UR-1000 big city and 500 small city, Reg -100
            c)         Head of the division UR-5000 big city and 1000 small city, Reg -500
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans :a

11.       Recall of postal article fee for each article is

            a)         9/-                                            b)         6/-       
c)         3/-                                            d)         Free of cost                                       Ans :b
(in shape of postage)

12        Window delivery will be made in case of insured article vale is more than

            a)         500                                         b)         100
            c)         200                                         d)         No limit                                               Ans :a

13.       Limit of detain article in post office which are received for delivery inland  & foreign article

            a)         15 days and 30 days           b)         7 and 15 days
            c)         30 days and 45 days           d)         None of these                                   Ans :b

14.       Fee for availing post box facility is

            a)         150 per year and 50 per quarterly,            b)         250 per year / 100 quarterly
            c)         100 per year / 50 quarterly              d)         None of these           Ans :a

15.       Fee for availing facility of box and post bag is combine is

a)         150 per year and 50 per quarterly,            b)         250 per year / 80 quarterly
            c)         100 per year / 50 quarterly              d)         None of these           Ans :b

16.       Cost of window delivery ticket is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         Free of cost                                                   Ans :d

17.       Cost of Identity card is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         Free of cost                                                   Ans :a

18.       Validity period of ID card is

            a)         1 Year                                    b)         2 Year           
            c)         Six month                  d)         3 year                                                             Ans: d

19.       Postal Restante article can be detained in post office

            a)         7 days                                    b)         1 month
            c)         15 days                      d)         Cann not be detain                                     Ans :b

20.       Redirection fee of parcels within delivery area /original address  and sender in case of unclaimed parcel is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         free of cost                                                    Ans: d

21.       Redirection fee of parcels except delivery area /original address is

            a)         Postage plus registration fee         b)         Full postage
c)         Half  the prepaid rate                       d)         Free of cost                           Ans: d

22.       Suggestion & complaint book are maintained by

            a)         HO                              b)         BO     
            c)         Circle office               d)         All post office                                                            Ans: d

23.       Size limit of ID card is

            a)         88mmX 63mm                      a)         100mmX 70mm
            c)         11mmX 22mm                      d)         None of these                                   Ans: a

24.       Instruction regarding change of residence is valid for

            a)         1 month         b)         1 year
            c)         3 month         d)         5 year                                                                         Ans: c

25.       Authority to whom complaint should be addressed

            a)         Local Supdt.and PM in case  first class PO.       b)         HOC
            c)         DG Posts                                                                   d)         PMG               Ans: a
(Prepared by AB Kantharaja, Mobile-8969822340 )

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