Solved question Paper of IPO Examination 2011paper IV (Question No 1 to 25)

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1 Razia  Begam  was the daughter of 

Alatmash      (Shams-ud-din Iltutmish )
2 The chemical name of laughing  gas is

Nitrous oxide
3 Wings of  fire is a  book authored by

APJ Abdual Kalam
4 Palghat joins which of following states

Kerala and Tamilnadu
5 Under article 225 of the constitution  of india every high court has the power  to issue writs .
One of the following is not writ

6  Who is  Amicus  curiae

Friend of court
7 What is Psephology

Statistical study of elections  voting etc
8 The common  refrigent  used in  domestic refrigerator is

9 in which  of the following states  is sariska Tiger sanctuary  located


10  Which of the following food  items  is rich in iorn

11 Mark the correct prompts for the hard disk

12 ERP means

Enterprise Resources Planning

13 For  which of the following corps   does  india  have the largest cultivated area in the world

14 The saffron colur  in our national flag  signifies

Courage and sacrifice

15 Days and nights  are equal  throught the year  at

16 The age qualification criteria  for president  of India  is

He must not be less than  35 years of age
17 idenity  the combination of states  with bicameral  legistature

Uttar Pradesh  and Jammu  Kashmir

18 This state contributes  70 %  of India  coffee  and silk  Name the state

19 Match the writers with their book s

A3 , B4  , C2,  D1

20  In which state is  Kajiranga wildlife sanctuary  located


21 Buddha  preched his first sermon at


22  What is the equivalent  post of general in Navy


23 The constitution of India came in to force on

January 26,  1950

24 Beri – Beri is caused  by the lack of  vitamin

25 Who appoints the comptroller of Auditor General  of India

President of India
Solved by  S Jayachandran , SA, Divisional Office, Mavelikara ,690101 – 9961464279

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March 19, 2012

ans of question no 22 is wrong corect ans is admiral

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