Procedure for Dealing With Complaints and achiving targets in a Organisation

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Procedure for Dealing With Complaints in a Organisation

Customer service is key in any business. Whether the customer is the general public, a vendor or an investor, when complaints are made against your company by those who patronize it, there must be a procedure in place. You must handle the complaints and ensure that the problem does not become a continuing issue for your business.

1Problem Research

o    When a complaint is present against your business, or someone working for it, the first thing you should do is conduct some research. Talk to the customer or vendor about the problem and get their version of the complaint. Ask them to state, very clearly, the problem they are having, details about the occurrence or circumstances behind the complaint and ask them what they would like to see done, without committing to anything. Then, address those within your organization who were involved or have knowledge of the issue. At this point, all you are doing is gathering facts to determine the best course of action.

Complaint Resolution

o    Once you have gathered all of your facts, it is time to figure out a resolution. Not only do you want to appease the person who made the complaint, whether they are at fault or not, but you want to institute policies in your overall business structure to ensure that the transgression does not occur again. Keep in mind that word of mouth can make or break any type of business, so keeping those who solicit your services happy is important. If it is possible, meet the terms stated by the customer or vendor to satisfy them. If there was no fault on the part of your company, you don't have to do this, but it will still go a long way with the customer.

If the error was made on the part of someone in your organization, address the matter to ensure it will not happen again. This may mean sanctions against an employee, a change in a certain procedure or policy, customer service training or more intense management of a particular group. You can spin the resolution process in a positive manner by offering bonuses or special prizes for those employees who have the least amount of complaints for a designated number of days, weeks, months or quarters throughout the year.


o    Once the issue has been resolved, it is important to follow up with your employees and the customer who made the complaint. If the customer is still patronizing your business, casually inquire as to whether there have been any more problems. Work closely with managers and employees to be sure that whatever occurred has not happened again. Follow-up is the key to appeasing the customer and fully resolving the complaint.

How to achieve target: A Biggest Issue

Dear friends let me assure you that there is no substitute for hard work. Off course it can be replaced by SMART work, But work you must. There is no shortcut to accomplish your task that doesn't go through the road of hard work.
To make you work in shortest time here are the five simple steps that if followed word to word will lead to accomplishing the task in the most quickest time.
1) Specify the target :- This means specify the work required to be done to the last details. Many times it happens that we do a lot of work regarding achieving a middle of particular tolerance (control limit) when in actual what was required was just adherence to the tolerance. So better know the purpose of the target
2) Time plan:- Nothing can be achieved without actual time plan. So have a time plan with actual dates for the progression of the partial targets.
3) Taking actions:- Action is the soul of target achievement. So a quick action is to be taken as per the plan. Before taking actions, review various options and then go in for a particular action.
4) Regular follow up:- Once the action is initiated it is very necessary to do regular follow-up and check the progress. If found deviating from the target ,then we should either change the action completely or do the modifications as required.
5) Achieve the target:- By following the above steps we are sure to achieve the target and the most important thing here is to congratulate oneself for the success and always maintain the records of success so that in future too, you can refer them, both for building your confidence and also for use as a ready rekoner
One final step, Standardization of a system that works for you is the best way to succeed in life, so record keeping of your successes and failures can guide you to develop a system that actually works for you.
So happy Target Accomplishing!

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