English Model Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014

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Direction: Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

1. I've had more than a fair _____ of troubles in my time

2. Let me _____ through the mist to help find out the right path.

3. Before you cut the onions, please _____ them off

Direction: Select the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.

5. Augment

6. Barren

Direction: Choose the correct synonyms from the given options.
7. Nugatory

8. Mettle

Direction: Select the most suitable preposition from the four choices given for each sentence.
9. His company is greatly sought _____ .

10. He is one person, I count _____ in times of difficulty.

11. Fate smiles _____ him in all his ventures.

Direction: Choose the correct synonym from the given options.
12. Fractious

13. Wobble

Direction: Choose the correct antonyms from the given options.
14. Transient

15. Luscious

1. (B)Share
2. (C)Peer
3. (A)Peel
4. (A)Unknown
5. (B)Decrease
6. (A)Fertile
7. (B)Trifling
8. (C)Courage
9. (B)After
10. (D)On
11. (A)Upon
12. (A)Irritable
13. (C)Tremble
14. (D)Eternal
15. (D)Sour

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