General Knowledge Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014- Part 3

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1) The Constitution of India describes India as a ......... of States.
(D)None of these
Ans. Union

2) The National Human Rights Commission was established in:
Ans. 1993

3) The number of Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution:
Ans. 11

4) The first chairman of the National Human Rights Commission:
(A)A.S Anand
(C)Ranganath Mishra
(D)None of these
Ans. Ranganath Mishra

5) Which part of the Constitution deals with Gram Panchayats?
(A) I
(B) II
(D) IV
Ans. II

6) Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?
(A)Only Lok Sabha
(B)Rajya sabha
(C)Any Vidhan Sabha
(D)Either house of parliament
Ans. (D)Either house of parliament

7) If the Office of the President falls vacant, except due to the expiry of his term, it is to be filled within:
(A)One year
(B)One month
(C)Three months
(D)Six months
Ans. (D)Six months

8) To whom does the Vice-President address his resignation?
(A)The Speaker of Lok sabha
(B)The President
(C)The Minister of Home Affairs
(D)The Chief Justice
Ans. (B)The President

9) What is the age at which an Indian can become a candidate of President Ship?
Ans. (D)35

10) The President is empowered to dissolve:
(A)Only Lok sabha
(B)Only Rajya Sabha
(C)Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(D)None of the above
Ans. (A)Only Lok sabha

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