Mathematics Section : Model Test for Postal / Sorting Assistant Exam 2014

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1) A man goes 10 meter due east and then 24 meter due north. Find the distance from the starting point.
(A)26 meters
(B)24 meters
(C)28 meters
(D)30 meters

2) Ravi borrowed Rs.15, 000 from Anita at compound interest rate of 12% per annum. How much money should Sushil pay at the end of 2 years to settle the loan?

3) Capacity of a cylindrical vessel is 25.872 litres. If the height of the cylinder is three times the radius of its base, what is the area of the base in square cms?
(D)Cannot be determined

4) Mr Mohit is 7 times as old as his son. 10 years hence he will be 3 times as old as his son. What are their present ages (in years)?
(A)4, 28
(B)5, 35
(C)3, 21
(D)6, 42

5) Three men A, B and C go walking round a circle 1 kilometre in circumference at the rates of 10, 20 and 40 metres per minute respectively. If they all start together and walk in the same direction, when will they again be together at the same place?
(A)After 50 minutes
(B)After 240 minutes
(C)After 800 minutes
(D)After 100 minutes

6) A certain sum of money doubles in 10 years at simple interest. What is the rate of interest?

7) There are 30 students in a class. The average age of the first 10 students is 12.5 years. The average age of the next 20 students is 13.1 years. The average age of the whole class is:
(A)12.5 years
(B)12.7 years
(C)12.8 years
(D)12.9 years

8) The distance between Charu’s and Mani’s places is 120 km. Charu travelled the whole distance from her place to Mani’s at 30 km/hr but returned at 40 km/hr. Her average speed for the whole journey is (approximately):
(A)35 km/hr
(B)37 km/hr
(C)33 km/hr
(D)34 km/hr

9) If 6440 soldiers were asked to stand in rows to form a perfect square, it was found that 40 soldiers were left out. What was the number of soldiers in each row?

10) The difference between the simple interest and the compound interest compounded annually at the rate of 12% per annum on Rs 5,000 for two years will be:
(A)Rs 17.50
(B)Rs 36
(C)Rs 45
(D)Rs 72

11) A shopkeeper bought 800 kg rice at Rs.3840. He had to sell it at a loss of as much as he received for 16 kg. The selling price (per kg, in Rs.) will be:

12) A number is increased by 10% and then reduced by 10%. After this operation, the number:
(A)Does not change
(B)Decreases by 1 per cent
(C)Increases by 1 per cent
(D)Increases by 0.1 per cent

13)  The sum of two times one natural number and three times another natural number is less than 24. If the first natural number is less than or equal to eight, the highest value of the second natural number is:

14) If A’s salary is 25% higher than B’s salary, how much per cent is B’s salary lower than A’s?

15) A does a work in 10 days and B does the same work in 15 days. In how many days they together will do the same work ?
(A)5 days
(B)6 days
(C)7 days
(D)8 days

16) The length of the longest rod that can be placed in a room which is 12 m long, 9 m broad and 8 m high is:
(A)27 m
(B)19 m
(C)17 m
(D)13 m

17) The weights in kilograms of 10 students are 52, 45,31, 35, 40, 55, 60, 38, 44, 36. If 44 is replaced by 46 and 40 is replaced by 35 then new median will be:

DIRECTIONS (Question No 18 & 19) Answer the following questions on the basis of the information given below. i. Trains A and B are travelling on the same route heading towards the same destination. Train B has already covered a distance of 220km before the train A started. ii. The two trains meet each other after 11 hours after start of train A iii. Had the trains been travelling towards each other (from a distance of 220 km) they would have met after one hour.

18) What is the speed of trains 'B' in kmph:
(D)None of these

19) What is the speed of trains 'A' in kmph:
(D)None of these

20) DIRECTIONS: What approximate (you are not expected to calculate the exact value) value will come in place of the question mark(?) in following equation?  
384.996 x 15.001 + 44.99 = ?

21) If A’s salary is 25% higher than B’s salary, how much per cent is B’s salary lower than A’s?

22) Mr Ramesh spends 25% of his monthly salary on household expenditure, 20% of the remaining on children’s education, and the remaining is equally invested in three different schemes. If the amount invested in each scheme is Rs 5,600, what was the monthly salary of Mr Ramesh?
(A)Rs 28,000
(B)Rs 21,000
(C)Rs 24,000
(D)Cannot be determined

23) If the numerator of a fraction be increased by 12% and its denominator decreased by 2% the value of the fraction becomes 6/7. Thus, the original fraction is:
(D)None of these

24) The curved surface of a cylinder is 264m². Its volume is 924m³. The height of the cylinder must be:
(A)8 m
(B)6 m
(C)4 m
(D)None of these

25) 13 chairs and 5 tables were brought for 8280. If the average cost of the table will be 1227, what is the average cost of a chair?
(D)None of these
Friends who attempted today's model test: Kushal Garg, Sonali, Janmejaya Jena, Ahmad Nadeem, Prachi Dubey, Gaurav Basumatary, Yogesh Patan, Antra Ghosh, Susmitha Gandra, Bhargavi Janga, Raziya Amrin, Sree Lakshmi Jayan, Rohan Kumar, Manish Kardam , Mahesh Bandi, Hafiza Shaik, Shantosh Upadhyay, Suheel Allie, Sumita Das, Aakash Bhatia, Amit Tiwari, Manish Kardam, Benjamin Pravin, Sana Khan, Yogesh Patan, Aamir Hussain, Debashish Mahapatra and Shah Haroon. 

1) Ans. (A)26 meters
2) Ans.  (B)Rs.18,816
3) Ans. (C)616
4) Ans. (B)5, 35
5) Ans. (D)After 100 minutes
6) Ans. (C)10%
7) Ans. (D)12.9 years
8) Ans. (A)35 km/hr
9) Ans. (B)80
10) Ans. (D)Rs 72
11) Ans. (A)Rs.40
12) Ans. (B)Decreases by 1 per cent
13) Ans. (C)7
14) Ans. (B)20%
15) Ans. (B)6 days
16) Ans. (C)17 m
17) Ans. (D)41.5
18) Ans. (C)100
19) Ans. (D)None of these
20) Ans. (B)5820
21) Ans. (B)20%
22) Ans. (A)Rs 28,000
23) Ans. (A)3/4
24) Ans. (B)6 m
25) Ans. (B)165

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