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Disclaimer : -The Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination Key is prepared by Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State, in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.

The Key Published by India Post is final.

Question Series Booklet-B
1) Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused due to deficiency of:
Ans.: C : Vitamin C

2) Which of the following is not present in blood?
Ans:  D : Placenta

3) A stick immersed in water appears bent due to the phenomenon of:
Ans: C :  Refraction of light

4) This area is termed as territorial water and resources therein belonging to the nation:
Ans: B:  Oceanic area upto 19.2 nautical miles from the coast

5)  Which state of India is the largest producer Bajra?
Ans: A:  Rajasthan

6)  Kudremukh mine deposits known to be one of the largest in the world is located in the states of:
Ans: B : Karnataka

7) Who recently won ICC under 19 world cup cricket tittle?
Ans: C :  South Africa

8) The term of the current lok sabha will expire on:
Ans:  A :  1st June, 2014

9) BIMSTEC summit 2014 recently concluded in:
Ans. D: Myanmar

10) The Prime Minster of which country is recently facing charges of negligence over a govt rice subsidy scheme?
Ans. (B) Thailand

11) Which of the following three countries elected/appointed their Prime Ministers as recently as in Feb, 2014:
Ans. (B) Thailand, Italy, Nepal

12) Who is the present governor of the state of Karnataka?
Ans. (A) Hans Raj Bhardwaj

13)  Identify the state with bicameral legislature:
Ans. (B) Maharashtra

14) The world Environment day is celebrated on:
Ans. (B) June 5

15) Clean water would have BOD value of less than:
Ans. (A) 5 ppm

16)  Rovers cup is associated with
Ans. (D) Football

17)  With which game is the term 'Double fault' associated?
Ans. (A) Lawn Tennis

18) The Asian games are organised after every:
Ans. (B) 4 years

19) Which article of the constitution of India deals with the formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing states:
Ans. (B) Article 3

20) Who has been vested with power by the constitution to permit any member of parliament who can not adequately express himself/herself in Hindi or in English to address the house in his/her mother tongue:
Ans. (D) Both A and B

21) What eligibility criteria for age for election as Vice president of India?
Ans. (A) Should have completed the age of 35 years

22) The Great emperor Kanishka belonged to which dynasty:
Ans. (A) Kushana

23) Which of the following was not written by Kalidas?
Ans. (B) Laghujatakam

24) Which of the following is credit rating agency?
Ans. (B) ICRA

25) The term "Bull" and "Bear" is realated to?
Ans. (A) Share Market
PART-B (Mathematics)
Question Series Booklet-B
26. What will happen to the area of a rectangle if its length_________________
Ans: D : 6 times more the area of the old rectangle

27. What is the distance travelled by Swathi_______
Ans: D : 264 m

28.The area of a trapezium shaped field____________
Ans: A : 44 m

29.A farmer borrowed Rs 2400@12% intrest____
Ans: C : Rs 1920

30.Vijay obtains a loan of Rs 64000______
Ans: A : Rs 4921

31.55% of the population of a town are males_____
Ans: B : 28845

32. A path 1 m wide is built along the border inside a______
Ans:  A : 116 m2

33.The diameter of the wheel of a Car is 77 Cm____
Ans: C : 50000

34. Karan,Kabir and Kartik can together ______
Ans: A ; 15

35. Spinning 3 hours daily_____
Ans: A : 45 Days

36.Sanya Can embroider a bedsheet___
Ans: C

37.A train travels at a certain average speed_____
Ans: B : 42 Km/hr

38.shyam is travelling on his cycle and has calculated _____

39.Muskan donates Rs 2000 to a school____
Ans: A : Rs 40

40.If by selling110 mangoes_____
Ans: D: 9 1/11%

41.In an examination Rams average marks was 63 per _____
Ans: C :11

42. The incomes of A and B____
Ans: C : Rs 6000

Ans: C : 441

44.22.5X y 14.7=4798
Ans: D :12.8

45.What approximate best value____
Ans: B : 70

46.2533/500 X 1/250____
Ans: B: 0.020264

47.2403/4 is written in decimal____
Ans: D ; 97650

48.1085 books can be packed______
Ans: D : 97650

49.33 1/3% of 1260_____
Ans: C : 1024

50Ans: B : ¼
PART-C (English)
Question Series Booklet-B
 51 Ans: B: Sheep-Sheeps

52. Ans: A: Brother

53. Ans: A : Unless

54. Ans : B : But

55. Ans : A : Till

56. Ans: C : Son-in-Law

57. Ans: A : He said, The train is coming”

58. Ans: B : The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east”

59. Ans: A : He asked me what I was doing

60. Ans: B : He enquired whether his name was not Ram

61. Ans : D : Have been taken

62. Ans: B : will have worked

63. Ans: C : Shall have been living

64. Ans:  A :  Mr Rakesh has benn teaching English for 25 years

65. Ans: A : Reducing

66. Ans : A : Redundant

67. Ans: A : Vulgar

68. Ans: C : Average

69. Ans ; C : 4

70. Ans: C : 4

71. Ans: A : Adverbs of manner

72. Ans: C : Off

73. Ans: A : to

74. Ans: B : of

75. Ans : B : Besides
PART-C (Reasoning)
Question Series Booklet-B
76. Ans: D : North West

77. Ans: B: 12.oo night

78. Ans: B : 100

79. Ans: B

80. Ans: A : 2

81. Ans: A : 35

83. Ans : A : Meerut

84.Ans: C : Priya

85. Ans: A : Sun

86. Ans: B : Chilly

87. Ans: B : 89167

88. Ans: A : 14

89. Ans: C : 2550

90. Ans : A : Dauhter

91. Ans: C  : GT

92. Ans : A : Monday

93. Ans: D : 16

94. Ans: B : Three

95. Ans: C : BUSJTCE

96. Ans: B : Sister

97. Ans: D : Orange

98. Ans: D

99. Ans: B : L

100. Ans: A : Deeva

As per my opinion the cut off would be as follows (Not Sure)

Oc- more than 85

OBC-80 to 85

SC/ST- 75 to 80

- Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State
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May 03, 2014

I'm not sure all answers r correct

May 03, 2014

I have secure 71 marks for karnataka circle is their any chance please reply me sir. when did conduct paper 2 for this circle please reply me sir please.

May 04, 2014

Thanku sir

May 04, 2014

There will be standard cut off marks from each section.

May 04, 2014

Which is ur catogery?

May 04, 2014

i think some answers are not correct like 86 n 96

May 05, 2014

1 got Marks only B/W 51-55 marks and i belong to SC....!!! What would be the cut off marks for SC/ST (karnataka circle)......!!!

May 05, 2014

I'm not sure all answers r correct

May 06, 2014

I am belong to obc catogary but at the time of applying for this post it will given as general catogary. What i do now plze give me a sugestion. Its my requst with you

May 07, 2014

In each paper like Part A you have to score for general catogery 10 marks, for OBC 9 Marks, for SC/ST 8 Marks... So each paper you have get score for Part B, Part C, Part D like Part A

May 08, 2014

sir, when does the postal assistant result 2014 will be announced....

May 09, 2014

They had clearly mensioned that cut off will be 10 marks in each paper. you have to score min 10marks in every part then nly you will be eligible for next round.

May 09, 2014

Hi Good morning karnataka aspirants will u please share the secure marks, i secure 69 marks from OBC catagery. so please share marks of yourselves.

May 09, 2014

Hi...Good morning
i secure 60 marks belongs to obc category...is it any chance to can i get job

May 09, 2014

sir, i did one mistake in omr sheet i have to write booklet number in OMR sheet but i forget to shading the circle is it any problem to value the paper..
plz reply me sir....

May 09, 2014

hi devendra can u send to my mail.the correct answers if u hav.pls.my booklet in B.and my mail is saiprakashkulkarni6@gmail.com.

May 09, 2014

devendra send answer key to my email pls saiprakashkulkarni6@gmail.com

May 09, 2014

i secured 75 marks ... obc category for karnataka

May 09, 2014

Hi good evening friends pls one question in GK doubt. The state in largest producing in crop BAJRA is Gujarat or Rajastan. please reply any one .

May 09, 2014

rajasthan is rite answer 100% sure..

May 09, 2014

Ok Mahendra thank u so am badluck my option is Gujarat k k next all karanataka students like ur friends they are postal exam secure score pls inform me.

May 15, 2014

some answers are not given.... any 1 ll clear me that 96, 97,86 and 83 answers are correct of B series .... ???

May 17, 2014

some mistakes in english key...like adverbs , i had taken bath etc is it?

May 20, 2014

in the notification they are given that cut off mark is 40% in every part... that is 10 marks in each.

May 27, 2014

@ RUKMINI N - ANSWER FOR QUSN 83 MAY BE DEHRADUN ie OPTION 'B'. AND ANSWER FOR 96 QUSN IS CORRECT ie SISTER. anybody knows soln for qusn no 82??

June 06, 2014

i have scored 54 marks obvc category in karnataka

June 08, 2014

OBC,,, I got 63 marks in written exam, is there any possibility of getting selected?
Analytically: 20
Reason: 18

July 01, 2014

i secured 80 marks ... obc category for karnataka

July 02, 2014

hello any one please tel me is we have any second round? because i not in shortlist for exam-II

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