Cadre Restructuring Proposal for Group -C

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May 15, 201518comments

Cadre Restructuring Proposal  for Group -C 

       It is expected that the proposal would be approved by DOPT after various formality checks and clearance from Department of Expenditure of Ministry of Finance.

The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :

1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %

2. Number of HSG II posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %

3. Number of HSG I posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %

4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)

5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle Office and SBCO in the same ratio

6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of promotion.

1. The Post of SPM in Single and Double Handed Post offices will be placed under 2800/- Grade Pay ie All LSG and I MACP officials would man the offices.

2. The Post of SPM in Triple Handed and LSG Post offices will be placed under 4200/- Grade Pay ie All present HSG II / MACP II officials would man the offices and Posts.

3. The Post of HSG I and HSG II would be merged and placed under Grade Pay of 4600/- and be granted 4800/- on non functional basis after 4 Years.

4. The Post of Existing Postmaster Cadre officials will be modified in light of the same on approval of the Cadre Restructuring...

The Present Postmaster Grade -I Offices are likely to be placed under the Grade Pay of 4200/- 

The Grade I Posts are likely to get ungraded to Grade II , creating wide opportunity for the Postmaster Cadre Official to get promoted to Grade II and Placed within the same division.

The Present Grade II offices are likely to be placed under 4600/- Grade Pay creating more number of offices for HSG I and II officials.

The Norms of the Postmaster Grade III Offices would be modified so as to identify 1/3rd of the merged HSG I and II for Postmaster Grade III.

Copy of the earlier agreement signed with Union

CLICK HERE to view the full Report& Agreement
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May 15, 2015

thanks for sharing the information

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May 15, 2015

What will be the benefits for pa sa candidates

May 16, 2015

Will there be any benefits for PA/SA who rendered service below 10 years.

May 16, 2015

When will implementation

May 16, 2015

Very very thanks for Information we are awaiting for implementation

May 17, 2015

What will do system manager all over India doing technical work in group c remuneration

May 17, 2015

Congrats . Now all ip asp may think for reversion to pa as there is no hope for bright future in ip asp. After 24 yrs ip gets 4800 gp. What is use??

May 18, 2015

Is there any proposal for system managers?

May 19, 2015

The maximum no.of posts in Punjab like LSG NORM BASE „ HSG 1 & HSG 11 posts are lying vacant .what is benefit in this stage

May 19, 2015

What is proposal for promotion from 7th pay commission & difference of grade pay between new recruity & sr.official

August 05, 2015

thanks for the information and ill get back for all this information to this website govt jobs, answer key

August 21, 2015

Is there scope for system administrator post?

November 25, 2015

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May 13, 2016

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