Pay Calculator Based on 7th Pay Commission Recomendations

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Nov 21, 20158comments

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November 21, 2015

My present basic is 11510 with 2400 GP 10 HRA with 800 Ta so....Plz confirm me the new salary in 7th Cpc..

November 21, 2015

What about Deffence personal my basic is 11200/ and gp 2400

November 21, 2015

Sir pl what about CEA raised r not

November 22, 2015


As per the 7 cpc pay matrix, the new pay is calculated for me is Rs. 29600/- and my present basic is Rs. 11510/-. The same new pay is arrived for the person who is getting basic Rs. 11170/-. Please clarify whether any difference in new pay ia there.

November 22, 2015

CEA increased to Rs 2250/-pm

November 22, 2015

Good questions very injustice my 30429 next matrix how 30500 very loss for me

November 22, 2015

My basic is 11520 gp 2400. hra 20% and ta 800 .what will be my new salary in 7 th CPC.please confirm me . VIJAY Kumar Maurya P A Varanasi Cantt H O

March 04, 2016

I am branch post master my basic is 3600 and DA 110% in total I receive 8090....WHAT WILL BE MY NEW SALARY IN 7TH CPC???We are EDW - Extra Departmental Worker...

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