April 19, 2017

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Postal Department Commemorates India's History Of Transport

Written By Admin on Apr 19, 2017 | April 19, 2017

Postal Department Commemorates India's History Of Transport

The automotive world in India might have dawned late but there have always been numerous modes of transport in India and what better way to celebrate these than commemorating them in the form of stamps. The Department of Posts, India, recently, presented 20 stamps representing history of transportation in India which has everything from palanquins, animal driven carriages and carts, rickshaws, vintage cars, buses, metro rail and even trams.

Just one look at it and you'll get to know what all moved the country all these years. The special series of commemorative stamps have been tagged as 'Means of Transport through the Ages' and were presented at India's only transport museum - Heritage Transport Museum.

The stamps were presented by Ms Kalpana Rajsinghot, Postmaster General, Gurgaon Region, Haryana Circle, Department of Posts in the presence of Tarun Thakral, Founder & Managing Trustee, Heritage Transportation Trust.

The special series stamps are in the form of miniature sheets in a prestige booklet issued for the first time. The Heritage Transport Museum have played a key role in the making of these stamps as fifteen out of the twenty stamps have images of vehicles that are present at the museum. It's amazing therefore to see all of these in one go and it is such collections that attract philatelists, not just in India but also across the world. We are sure you'll find this piece of transport history extremely exciting.
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