June 23, 2017

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RICT Solution for tallying with BO Transactions

Written By Admin on Jun 23, 2017 | June 23, 2017

Updated on 23.06.2017
Most of the offices are facing the issues execution SDP File and reporting via mail and through email.

Hence revised  solution has been provided with the name of SDP_Revised .

Instead it copy on desktop, please copy the same into C Drive and execute directly from the same location. The error problem will solve.

Last Updated : 23.06.2017 dated 0700
Dear user of this small program
After the implementation of RICT, the LOT for each BO is generating seperately and it will take lot of time like generating the file and take printout may have to spend around 15 minutes to half an hour
Therefore now i am providing the solution to take the all prinouts in a single execution.

This program will make it simple and accurate moreover user friendly

Download software by clicking below link :

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