June 30, 2017

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Speed Net Version 4.5 Update 2

Written By Admin on Jun 30, 2017 | June 30, 2017

Download SpeedNet 4.5 Update 2 :
Download from CEPT

Download from Google Drive

Instructions for Upgradation:

  • Take a print out of the check list and fill up response for each action.
  • Ensure that SpeedNet or Speednet Communication is not in use in any system at the time of upgradation.
  • Take full backup of existing databases (i.e., POSPCC and POSPCCBACKUP) before attempting uupgradation.
  • Download the file SpeedOne Updater.exe from the ftp site. 
  • Copy the SpeedOne Updater.exe to the Speednet folder in the client system and run it from there.
  • Run the SpeedOne Updater.exe with administrative rights. Watch for successful execution of each script and update the check list simultaneously.
  • Run SpeedNet Communication after upgradation in any one client system so that the database upgradation will not happen repeatedly. This also ensures that version upgradation status messages are created and transmitted to central server for reflection in Speednet MIS.
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