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Pension Calculation Tool for 7th Pay Commission - Updates from CEPT

Written By Admin on Jul 14, 2017 | July 14, 2017

Pension Calculation Tool for 7th Pay Commission

Download :  ftp://cept.gov.in/Meghdoot7/Updates/7CPCRevisedPensionCalculator/

Pension Calculation Tool for 7th Pay Commission ( Retired before 01/01/2016)
As a part of Directorate order, for calculating the updated pension as per 7th cpc, one tool is designed. This tool will calculate the new pension/family pension according to latest order. 
v Instructions
ü Please download the Pension7Calculator.zip and extract the contents.
ü The tool should be run on system in which Schedule database is available.
ü Run the Pension7calculate.exl using Megdhooth Script tool after keeping a backup.
ü If your system is not installed with dotnetframe work 4, you should update your system with the same; otherwise the tool may not work properly.
ü Now click on the setup.exe and install the application. (You may ignore the warning message of Antivirus if any )
ü Once the program is successfully installed, you may access the application
ü First of all, please enter the server name where Schedule is installed.

ü You may click on the “PensionFixation” Menu, a form will be displayed in which all the active pensioner will be loaded

ü Select the desired PPO Number and select the Pay commission, Pay scale and enter the last pay drawn by the pensioner in that scale.(If the pension is a family pension, select that option)
ü Click on View Button which will display the calculated Pension details. Pension so arrived is Full pension and the Family pension arrived is normal Family pension. Based on this you have to work out the proportionate pension in any case and enhanced  Family pension in case of Family pension
ü If a message displays like “Notional Pay not available in Fitment table”, check the amount you entered. If you are sure the amount is correct, you just calculate the pension manually and enter in the Gird and save.
ü You may check the correctness and if required you may edit in the grid as you desire.
ü If you want a print out click on “Print” or you may save the details by clicking “Save”
ü Two reports are available
1)       Individual Pensioner Report :- will display the details of selected pensioner

2)       All Pensioner Report:- Will show report of all the pensioners which are calculated and saved.

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