July 10, 2017

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Speed Net Timeout Error and Solution

Written By Admin on Jul 10, 2017 | July 10, 2017

The issue is Timeout error due to which client is unable to connect to server. 

The 'Timeout Expired' or 'Query Timeout expired' issues are related to SQL Server response time (connection to SQL Server couldn't be established) and cause of this error might be due local aspects like size of POSPCC and POSPCCBACKUP databases and Server resources (Viz., Server/Client RAM capacity, Server connectivity etc.,). 

To resolve these issues

i) increase the hardware resources (viz., Server/Client RAM capacity) 
ii) resolve any Server connectivity issues 
iii) reduce the databases size

iv) increase the query time outs (tools --> options --> Query Execution --> SQL Server --> Set the time to zero (0) [which refers to no-time out] v) check whether Meghdoot Server is accessible from SpeedNet Server, if not then resolve the connectivity issue 

A) To reduce the database size, we suggest the following: 

a) Verify whether POSPCC.mdf file is huge or POSPCC.ldf. 
b) Verify whether POSPCCBACKUP.mdf file is huge or POSPCCBACKUP.ldf. 
c) In case, if ldf file is huge, then try to reduce the size by clearing the log entries or taking daily backup of Transaction Log. 
d) If mdf file is huge, then, please use the shrinkdatabases utility available at ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/GeneralScripts/shrinkingDatabases/. Please go through the Readme file and follow the procedure specified. 
e) In case the database file does not shrink, try deleting old data (say, more than six months), duly specifying the period of one month at a time, under Supervisor --> Tools --> Delete Old data. 

Note: Prior to deleting old data, please take backup of all Databases and preserve the same. 

B) In order to increase the processing speed and avoid timeout errors, we suggest the following: 

a) Do "FLUSH DATA" on daily basis 
b) Take daily backup of Transaction Log Best practice: Schedule this process for optimised performance 

Note: Don't truncate the Transaction Log. Free space should be ~ 30% and should not be 0% for Transaction Log. 

c) Take daily backup of POSPCC and POSPCCBACKUP. Best practice: Schedule this process for optimised performance 
d) Don't Shut down the Server frequently. 
Note: Server machine can be shut down for maintenance work. 

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