Clarification on application of "Very Good" benchmark under MACP Scheme

Jul 6, 20181comments

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July 06, 2018

I have come to know that only three out of five APRs are required to be of required bench mark to allow the benefit of MACP to an employee. there are two facts on the subject i) that the new instructons have been issuedon 25.7.2016 and ii)that previous to this date the benchmark was only "good" to have the benefit for an employee.Firstly these facts needs to be verfied from record. If it is correct, then if an employee has four good reports prior to 25 7 2016 and MACP of this employee falls due in mid 2017, then this employee becomes eligible even if his APR for 2016-17is also good because the employee has four APRs to his credit before the new instructions came into force.In case he is denied this benefit,which will mean either of two i) the new instructions are being applied retrospectively or ii)the employee needs all the five reports of the required benchmark and thus his APR for 2016-17 makes him ineligible for this benefit. The 2nd point is that I have heard that
admn office of of honourable Delhi High Court has issued some instructions on the applicability of this benchmark w e f 1.4.2017 i.e. for annual report of 2017-18. However it needs to be verfied from the concerned office.In case it is true than there will be two points i.e. either i)the employees whose MACP is due in mid 2017 and have five "Good" reportsin his favour is entitle to this benefit or ii) it will be case of applying two sets of rules to different employees on the same subject. This may kindly be seen lest there is injustice to some one.The matter may be decided on its merit.


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