SAP TCodes for cheques in CSI Environment

Aug 10, 20180 comments

SAP TCodes for cheques in CSI Environment

FCH1 - Display Doc for Chq No.

FCH2 - Display Chq No for Doc No.

FCH3 - Cancel cheque leaf before issue

FCH4 - Renumber a chq (If a chq is lost and another chq is issued)

FCH5 - Issue cheque

FCH6 - Edit Cheque information

FCH7 - Reprint Cheque

FCH8 - cancel cheque after issue

FCH9 - Mark void cheque

FCHI - Add new cheque book

FCHI - To view cheque in stock

FCHN - view cheques issued

FCHE - Delete information on voided Cheque.

FCHD - Delete chq information created from payment run (Chq created from f110 or f-58)

FCHF - Delete cheque information created manually (chq created from fch5)

FCHG - Reset specific information from cheque 

ZFICHQ - Print Cheque

F-58 Payment by cheque

F-28 Receive by cheque
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