Uniform Common CBS - POSB Passbooks Categories SB5 and SB5A and its Usage

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Uniform Common CBS - POSB Passbooks Categories SB5 and SB5A and its Usage

Two uniform common CBS Pass Books (SB-5) and (SB5A) have been introduced. SB5 will be used of SB/RD/MIS/SCSS/SSA and PPF schemes whereas SB5A will be used for NSC/KVP and TD Accounts. The entries in the said CBS Pass Books will be made through Pass Book printer only. The uniform common CBS Pass Books need to be stitched and not stapled so that it can be Pass Book printer friendly. Information and entries shown in the CBS Pass Books is for the information of public and there will be no legal liability of the department with regard to the balance or transactions shown in the CBS Pass Books. Entries relating to Penalty Fee charged in case of RD and PPF as well as Rebate paid only should be made manually by hand by the user. Except these entries, no entry should be made by hand in the passbooks in any departmental post office

Pass Book:-The uniform common pass book in the form SB-5 will be used. The amount of deposit of Principal amount will be shown under the column deposits and entry of monthly interest paid will be made under withdrawal column. Approximate amount of Monthly interest to be paid shall be printed on the first page of the Passbook.

CBS Pass Book:- A uniform common passbook in the form (SB-5A) devised for NSC, KVP and TD accounts will be used. All entries in the Passbook should be printed through Passbook printer. However, whenever, Passbook printer is not working, the amount of deposit and repayment in TD accounts should be written both in words and figures in the CBS Pass Book. In order to denote the correct category of account category of account i.e 1/2/3/5 as the case should be written on the title cover of the CBS Pass Book.
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