Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 13 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan

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Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 13 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan


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Government of India Instructions on Conduct Rules

(A compilation of important Govt orders on Conduct Rules)

17. Grant of vigilance clearance for obtaining passport.
The undersigned is directed to say that matter regarding guidelines for granting vigilance clearance to members of the Central Civil Service holding Central Civil Posts have been reviewed and it has been decided to lay down guidelines for grant of vigilance clearance to the Government servant for obtaining Indian Passport.
2. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has issued the guidelines for issuance of ordinary Passport to the Government servant vide O.M. No. VI/401/01/05/2014 dated 26.05.2015 in connection with procedures to be the followed in case of passport to be issued to Government servant.
3. In view of the above, it is mandatory for the administrative Department/Controlling Authority to check whether any provision of the Section 6(2) of the Passport Act, 1967 are attracted in the case of employee, who are working under them, while obtaining Indian Passport. As such, it is required to check the vigilance clearance of such Government servant.
4. Accordingly, it has been decided that vigilance clearance can be withheld only under the following circumstances:

(i) The officer is under suspension;
(ii) A charge sheet has been issued against the officer in a disciplinary proceeding and
the proceeding is pending.
(iii) Charge sheet has been filed in a Court by the investigating Agency in a criminal case and the case is pending.
(iv) Sanction for investigation or prosecution has been granted by the Competent Authority in a case under the PC Act or any other criminal matter.
(v) An FIR has been filed or a case has been registered by any Government entity against the officer, after a preliminary fact finding inquiry.
(vi) The officer is involved in a trap/ raid case on charges of corruption and investigation is pending.

5. Vigilance clearance shall not be withheld due to an FIR filed on the basis of a private complaint unless a charge-sheet has been filed by the investigating agency provided that there are no directions to the contrary by a competent court of law. However, the information regarding FIR may be provided to the Passport Office. The final decision will be taken by the concerned Passport Issuing Authority.
6. There may be situations wherein wards and relatives of the civil servants residing abroad (for education and other purposes) could be having medical emergencies or family events. The officer himself/ herself may require to visit abroad for medical reasons. Therefore, as a policy, ordinarily, a passport will not be granted if a disciplinary proceeding is pending against the officer. However, the competent authority can take a view wherein a foreign travel is necessitated due to extreme urgent situation like medical emergencies etc. on case to case basis.
7. All Ministries/ Departments/Offices are requested to bring the above guidelines to the notice of all Disciplinary Authorities under their control.

DOPT F. No. 11012/7/2017-Estt.A-III Dated 28th March, 2018

Rule 4

18. Clarification of the Definition of "Members of Family" in the context of Rule 4 regarding.

The undersigned is directed to say that as per rule 4 (1) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, no Government servant shall use his position or influence directly or indirectly to secure employment for any member of his family in any company or firm. Further, rule 4(3) reads as follows:

"No Government servant shall in the discharge of his official duties deal with any matter or give or sanction any contract to any company or firm or any other person if any member of his family is employed in that company or firm or under that person or if he or any member of his family is interested in such matter or contract in any other manner and the Government servant shall refer every such matter or contract to his official superior and the matter or contract shall thereafter be disposed of according to the instructions of the authority to whom the reference is made."

2. As per rule 2 of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, the definition of "Members of Family" may differ from that given in the rule 2, sub clause (c) in the context of a rule. For removal of doubts it is clarified that in the context of rule 4(1) and 4(3) "Members of family" in relation to a Government servant include the wife or husband, son or daughter, parents, brothers or sisters or any person related to any of them by blood or marriage, whether they are dependent on the Government servant or not.

3. All Ministries/ Departments/Offices are requested to bring the above guidelines to the notice of all Disciplinary Authorities under their control.

DOPT OM No. 11013/4/2016-Estt (A-III) Dated the 20th July, 2016.

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