Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 3 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan

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 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules - 3

Examples of unbecoming conduct

Ø Suppression of information regarding arrest or conviction.

Ø Participation in proselytizing activities.

Ø Bidding at auctions conducted by one’s own dept.

Ø Neglect of family

Ø Practicing untouchability

Ø Submission of joint representations.

Ø Lack of decorum during lunch hours.

Ø Sub-letting Govt. accommodation.

Ø Refusal to accept a charge sheet.

Ø Disobeying an order of suspension.

Ø Assault on another Government servant.

Ø Possession of disproportionate assets.


Activities requiring permission

Ø To join educational institution (Rule 15)

Ø To join Home Guards (Rule 3)

Ø To join foreign language class. (Rule 5)

Ø To participate in the editing or management (Rule 8)

Ø To give evidence in any enquiry (Rule 10)

Ø To ask for or accept contributions.(Rules 12)

Ø To accept gifts when value exceeds limit (Rule 13)

Ø To engage in any trade or business (Rules 15)

Ø To acquire or dispose any immovable property (Rule 18)

Ø To enter in to transactions in movable property exceeds limits (Rule 18) 


Limits for Acceptance of Gifts


During Weddings, anniversaries, funeral or religious functions

Other case

Group A – Rs.25000

Group B – Rs.15000

Group C – Rs.7500

Group A – Rs.5000

Group B – Rs.5000

Group C – Rs.2000

(DOPT OM dtd 06.08.2019)

Gifts includes

w  Free transport

w  Free boarding, lodging or any other expenses 

The above are the important provisions mentioned in the Conduct Rules. We are furnishing hereunder the excerpts of the important rules of the CCS Conduct Rules 1964 for the consumption of all. You can read all these and raise whatever doubts you are having in the discussion forum which is likely to be commenced shortly. We can discuss the issues freely and frankly but with restrictions. No one should hurt the feelings of others. No other matter except the concerned subject. I hope that all of you will cooperate.

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