Issues facing at DDO in r/o filing the Income Tax

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Issues facing at DDO in r/o filing the Income Tax

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu circle
Chennai 600002

Respected Sir,

                    The DDOs and staff in accounts branches are taken to task by central excise authorities for non remittance of service tax ,in business auxillary and insurance products for years together dating back to 2012.

The onus of remitting service tax towards businesses products by the postmaster came effective from 9 / 2015. The taxes towards PLI/ RPLI were continued to be dealt with centralised remittance at PLI directorate .The DDOs have promptly remitted the tax on the basis of report generated in point of sale ,compiled in summaries and eventually shown in cash account.

The central excise are now issuing summon for the short credit of taxes collected in speed posts affixed with postage stamp. This revenue realised in sale of stamp at random is not reflected in the daily accounts ,summary, and cash account thereof. This item of transaction which was lost sight of for tax purposes had now become a liability and accountability before tax authorities.

Even the audit which was responsible for tax remittance prior to 9/15 did not pay any heed.

The software is far deficient to assess the monthly figure of speed post booked with stamp affixed with. It has to bs physically complied on day to basis.Even then the articles booked in BOs is not reflected any where .This is therefore a cumbersome process to construct the figures from 2012. Even for the present , the software is not tuned to reflect the wanting figures from which tax can be complied. The status of these reports in CSI is no different.

The present staff strength in SOs and HOs can not afford the manual compilation at every level and the taxes are to be tentatively assessed which may result either in over or short payment.

Like wise the e bill receipts and the retail posts carrying service tax are not dealt properly in the nodal office. Now this figures are also to be complied retrospectively to settle the tax dues by DDO. No clear cut configuration of these transaction are made in software .

The PLIand RPLI service taxes from public and our own pay recovery are to be done retrospectively due to the late communication of orders from dte of PLI delegating the duty of tax remittance in HO level. Here also the first year premium and subsequent premium are not properly segregated and one can not vouchsafe the accuracy.
The GST returns from 1.7.17 is an yet another spiraling subject to which our staff are new . This is also a time consuming process for which trained and optimum strength should be Provided.

In view of the above

Request to form a committee of all stakeholders to decide a fool proof methodology to compute taxes collected and remit the same to tax authority. Any excess remittance by a faulty calculation is loss to our department.

Further requested to safe guard our staff in HOs who are summoned by tax intelligence because they have no roll for the present crisis and if is none of their fault.

A clear cut instructions on

how to assess the taxes in speed posts and other retail posts with the roll of nodal offices is requested to be issued so that a bonafide procedure can be ensured uniformly across the circle.

Staff on outsourced basis be provided under the direct supervision of group officers to compile the reports manually and segregate the taxes till such time the figures are generated in portal it self .

Training of the accounts staff in GST be arranged so that the returns can be filed flawless.

Added to the above demand in general, we respectfuly submit the following ordeal and the ineffable hardship our postal operative staff are reeling under because of service tax and it's allied matters.

Sir, we are pained to bring to your notice that DDOs and Apm accounts are simply given pressure by audit through SR. AOs of CO & RO to settle the tax discrepancies for the period prior to 9/ 2015 when the onus of remitting the tax was with audit through bok adjustments.

The entire responsibility for the lapses of audit is squarely is sought to be shifted to DDOs and the account staff. The DDO's responsibility is over once the cash account and centvat statement is duly sent to audit. It is for them to book the figures as per the cash account figure for service taxes and to eventually enter the final tax amount as per centvat credit.

The height of cruelty is that the DDOS are held accountable for tax discrepancies and non remittances of taxes by audit for the period prior to 2015 and for which the operative staff are required to spot the mistakes occurred in the compilation in the record of audit .The irony is that all the figures from postal DDOs are already available with audit and yet the DdO and his staff have to go to audit for undoing the variation in the record unmindful of the fact that this is not mandatory duty.

In fact many DdO s have already sent a tabulation of taxes collected as per cash account from the year 2012 to 2015 and the net taxes to be credited as per centvat with a request to confirm the figure booked in book adjustment head-- 0044).Unless this is confirmed by audit which is in their record it will not be possible to reply to the show cause notice served on DDOs by tax authorities on short payment of taxes from 2012.

On other hand the audit is unjustifiably directing the DDOs to certify themselves about the correctness of the taxes transferred under book adjustment and find out the reason for variation on examining the audit record. It is as

It as if the officials responsible for non complying their duties as per the extant rule will command those who have done their duties to own up the responsibility and to become liable for the adverse consequence which is beyond the domain of their work.

The DDOs and accounts staff are this doomed to become scape goats for no fault of them .The plea of operative staff are not given the due attention by authorities .This step motherly attitude of administration towards the genuine grievances of postal staff stand to confirm that the audit and defective software which has erred and responsible for the present are shielded

We therefore request your good self and instruct the Audit authorities not to harass our staff for the lapses on their part and to further furnish the amount of taxes remitted in book adjustment duly certifying the correctness of amount.

Our detailed memorandum as to how our postal staff are put in to pressure in appearing for the personal hearing in response to summon received from tax authorities and the way they are harassed by the audit on other side will be submitted .

Kindly save our postal staff from the onslaught from all sides and render justice.

Circle Secretary
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