Finacle Passbook Printer Settings and Page Setup

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Please follow the below for configuring Finacle Passbook Printer Settings and Page Setup. 

  • Firstly add Generic IBM Graphics 9 Pin Wide printer in Devices and Printers. Then click on it and you will see printer server properties option on the top. Click on it.

  • Click on Create New form, Enter the Form name like newpassbook1. Enter the Measurements of Units as

           Paper size as

Width :8.20in Left : 0.20in Top:0.80in

Height :5.80in Right:0.00in Bottom:0.00in  

  • Finally Click on Save Form
  • Right Click on IBM Generic 9Pin wide printer 

  • Go to Advanced, select Printer Default then change the Paper Size as Newpassbook1 and Print Quality as 240x216

  • Then Click on Device Settings > then select Paper Size as Newpassbook1

  • Internet Explorer 8 Or Higher Version Page Setup Click on Printer > Page Setup

  • Select all fields of Header and Footer as empty

  • Deselect Enable Shrink-to-Fit then

Margins (inches)

Left : 0.5 Rgiht : 0.5 Top: 0.8 Bottom : 0.75

  • Click on Change Font and Change Font and Style and Size

Font : Courier Font Style : Regular Size : 12 then click ok then Click on OK to Finish
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