Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 136 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes)

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 Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 136 : (Compiled By Com Kayveeyes) 



a.        The branches of state bank of India and Associate banks which have currency chests but are not doing the work of the postal Department have to issue bank drafts at par to post offices for remittance of cash under the Reserve Bank of India Remittance Facility Scheme.

b.       The branches of State Bank of India and Associate banks which do not have currency chest but are doing the work of the postal department under special arrangements have to issue bank drafts to post offices for remittance of cash at par under their own remittance facilities scheme. The branches of other public sector bank that do the work of the postal department regardless of their having currency chest or not have to issue demand drafts at par to post office under the respective banks' own remittance facilities scheme. In this connection RBI Circular No. GA. NB. No. 1898/64(6)-89/90, GA NB No. 1896/64(6)-89/90 and GA. N.B. No. 607/64(6) 90/91 dated 26th December 1989 and 8th September 1990 respectively, may be referred to.

[ R.B.I. No. GA. NB. No. 2441/GA. 64(6)-91/92 DG(posts) No. 28-3/89-CI dt. 01-4-92]


It has been intimated by the RBI vide their letter GA. NB. No. 3282/64(6)-89/90 dated 10.4.90 that free remittance facilities would be extended to Government departments by only those branches which are authorised to effect remittances under Reserve Bank of India Remittance Facilities Schemes. Free remittance facilities may be extended to the Govt. Department by a bank which is acting as accredited banker to that Govt. department. The remittances in such cases would be effected between the branches of the bank under the bank's own remittance facilities scheme. In other cases the banks would be entitled to charge commission at the rate applicable under the rules.

[DG (posts) No. 28-3/89-CI dtd. 7/90]


The Staff Side raised an item in the JCM regarding the hours of commencement and termination of duties in RMS offices. This issue has been examined in consultation with the Staff Unions and the following guidelines are issued:

(i) Timings for commencement of morning sets in RMS

The morning sets should generally not commence before 0600 hours. This restriction would, however, not apply to Circles in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country

(ii) Termination of Evening set.

The evening sets should terminate before 2200 hours unless there are strong operational grounds to continue the set after that time.

(iii) Timings for closure of the Night Set.

The night sets should normally close at or before 7.00 A.M. and any extension thereafter in the timings should be an exception which would have to be justified on operational grounds. (iv) Commencement of Night Set.

It should generally be ensured that the Night sets commence before 11.00 A.M.

2. As a consequence of these introductions, no wholesale review of set timings is intended.

These instructions will apply in sorting sets and not to Transit Mail Offices. Timings of only those sorting sets need be reviewed that are not in conformity with the above decisions. While reviewing the timings, the convenience of the staff should be taken into account.

3. There is no objection if in consultation with the local staff, it is considered necessary to make any deviation from these instructions. Timings of the sets fixed in consultation with the local staff unions in such cases, however, would not be reviewed on this account.

  DG Posts No. 28-1/92-PE II/D dt. 11.2.94)


Review of IRs on Regional and Circle Offices has revealed considerable arrears of periodical review of postal and RMS staff. In view of the ban on creation of new posts review and redeployment of spare staff is the only alternative available to meet staff requirement elsewhere.

2. While position in respect of postal staff is generally satisfactory same thing can not be said in relation to RMS establishment.

3. It has been desired by Member(O) that every Circle should identify the periodical reviews in arrears and complete them within a time bound programme.

4. Periodical reviews due for each division-postal as well as RMS will be one of the annual targets to the fulfilled by the Superintendents and any shortfall should be taken serious note of by the reporting and reviewing authorities to the time of assessment of annual performance.

(DG(P) 17-7/2000-Inspn. dt. 11-5-2001)

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