Configure India Post eMail through GMail Application in Mobile Phone

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Nov 22, 20220 comments

 Steps to send & receive indiapost emails through "GMail" app in SmartPhones

1. Click on your profile picture at the top right hand corner of your personal Gmail Inbox.

2. Click "Add another account"

3. Select "Other".

4. Furnish your indiapost email ID correctly, then click NEXT.

5. Select "Personal (IMAP)"

6. Furnish email ID password correctly and click NEXT.

7. Modify the incoming server name as **, on the next screen and click NEXT. PORT 993

8. Modify the outgoing server name as **,on the next screen and click NEXT.PORT 465

9. Click NEXT on the next screen.

9. Furnish a name for this email account.

10. Click NEXT on the next screen.

Indiapost email account will be added to your GMail app & you can start sending & receiving indiapost emails on your phone.
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