IPO Returns Tool for CSI Head Post Offices

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Jan 28, 20230 comments

 Version: 1.0.0 Release Date: 27.01.2023

This tool can prepare the monthly IPO returns data from the data exported from SAP (FAGLL03). 

Download Link

Download data from SAP using T-Code FAGLL03

  • Enter required GL Accounts.
  • Use multiple selection to enter the GLs 1102030000 & 8844600010 at the same time
  • Enter Posting Date (required month)
  • Click on Custom Selections (Fourth button on the right side of Execute button)
  • Enter Profit Center and click on “Save” button. You can enter more than one Profit center
  • Enter Layout as '/SRJ_CUSTOM'
  • Execute
  • After report generated, go to List à Export à Spreadsheet


Usage of this tool is similar to eMO Returns Tool. Please watch the demo video of eMO Returns Tool for more info. Link is given below.


  •  Any Spreadsheet software
  •  Any Browser (Recommended Google Chrome)
  •    Windows 10
  •  Faster segregation of IPO issue/paid data. New
  •  Option for data entry for any correction required New
  •  Creates returns data automatically New

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